March 6, 2021

“We tend to stay in victimhood, but it's no use” | Culture

Four women with very different characters, backgrounds and social classes are united by the love of their sons and daughters for football. Belonging to a neighborhood team in Madrid is the origin of an unwavering, fun and confessional friendship, as usually happens when new relationships begin at an already mature age, and it is the matter with which the novel is built The wrong ones (Spain), of Dove Bravo. The problems of a taxi driver are mixed with those of the wife of a corrupt and those of the mother of a girl who looks like a psychopath, all served with dynamic dialogues, a lot of humor and a steep urban costumbrismo.

Successful author with her first book, Dad's girlfriend, turned into a blog in THE COUNTRY and adapted to the theater, Bravo recognizes that his latest "ironic and bright" novel is a tribute to women whose writing emerged after suffering a depression. “More than therapy, the book is a tribute to friendship with women. I've always had more male friends and I was proud. My best friends are men. Is not true. When I needed them, the ones on the other side have been women. That is why it is a tribute to who we are women, that we can with everything, with work, with children, with parents, with hospitals and we still have time to get your friends out of the hole. ”

Author of novels like Singles o Mic's skina, Bravo index in its purpose: "There is a phrase by Lord Byron that I love:‘ To make light you have to burn. " I think the important thing with the things that happen to you is what you do with them. We tend to stay in victimhood, which is very tempting, very comfortable, the world or others are to blame, but you stay there, it is no use. When bad things happen to you, it is best to incorporate them and see what they teach you about you and the world. See the positive side. ”

She herself is the mother of a girl who plays forward in a mixed soccer team, mostly male. "You hear things that are better not to repeat them," says the author and journalist, who rejects that it is an autobiographical book, except for this inspiring family loan for the plot. The novel does not hide its vocation to reach a wide audience like the one that has, for example, some of today's celebrated television series. In fact, Bravo is attracted to the possibility of adapting to this format.

“My intention has been to give a lot of rhythm to the dialogues and for the characters to explain themselves. The narrator helps them, but does not interfere. It is the first choral novel that I do. They are women who speak and listen, because it is this society it is difficult to listen to others, ”he says. Stresses the ironic tone and accomplice of the story. “The border between irony and sarcasm is very diffuse. The irony is distance but it has a wall of empathy, a sense of self-critical and luminous humor, while sarcasm is cruel, ”he says.

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