“We serve as a bridge between the student and the company”

Cristiana Oliveira, rector of the European University of the Canary Islands.

Cristiana Oliveira, rector of the European University of the Canary Islands.

The rector of the European University of the Canary Islands, Cristiana Oliveira, addresses one of the differential aspects of the academic institution, the connection with the world of work, experiential learning and the commitment to employability.

To speak of employability is to speak of the future, of the future of all those who approach the university with the aim of acquiring knowledge that will allow them to become successful professionals. And it is that, in a context marked by transformation, constant change and uncertainty, training is presented precisely as a key tool that enables both young people and active professionals to grow and develop successfully in the labor market.

On the other hand, faced with the imperative of training to achieve professional goals, the latest advances in digitization have not only affected the way we interact or our consumption habits, but have also impacted the job market. The irruption of technology in all areas of our life is giving rise to a changing and complex scenario where new professional profiles capable of adapting to the new reality are needed.

Faced with this situation, universities are aware of the importance of adapting and having a training offer that not only responds to the demands of students, but also includes a knowledge and skills plan as broad and close as possible to the world of work. “It must be remembered that we prepare students for a professional context that, in many cases, has yet to be determined and in which technology and innovation are decisive,” says the rector of the European University of the Canary Islands, Cristiana Oliveira.

«We prepare students for contexts, many times, to be determined»

Likewise, today, Higher Education institutions must contribute with their work to reduce the gap between the academic and business worlds, something that is already integrated into the day-to-day life of the European University. “One of our main objectives is to serve as a bridge between students and the company, offer them the necessary skills to integrate into the labor market as quickly as possible and thus contribute to the employability of our students,” says the rector. In fact, he continues, “the employability rate of the European University is 93 percent in the first year after completing the training.”

In this context, practical, innovative training close to professional reality is essential. Through its academic model based on Experiential Learning, the students of the European University learn “by doing”, with practical situations and simulation scenarios that allow them to face the real challenges that they will find in their day-to-day lives as professionals. An example of this is the Simulated Hospital, a pioneering space with the latest simulation technology where Health Sciences students come into contact with the daily reality of a hospital from the first year without putting the safety of patients at risk.

A leap into the professional world that begins in the classroom

In this sense, it should be noted that the European University of the Canary Islands has its headquarters in the municipality of La Orotava (Tenerife) and with new facilities in the center of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which allows young people to study in Modern and state-of-the-art campuses, equipped with the latest technology for courses ranging from Psychology to Management and Business Creation or Tourism.

«We know that the choice of studies marks the professional future. For this reason, at the European University of the Canary Islands we not only offer young people the possibility of studying in a unique environment, but also have a wide range of training, flexibility of teaching methods and innovative methodology that makes a difference and is used day by day in the classrooms, ”says Cristiana Oliveira. In any case, «the decision that a person must make when choosing a degree or a postgraduate degree is very personal, in which many criteria can converge, and to help that decision making in the face of such a changing social and professional panorama , at the European University of the Canary Islands we invite you to consult with our heads of the different disciplines to solve your doubts and advise you on your approaches “, he concludes


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