“We owe this Majadilla Sunset Trail to the runners”

Nelson Alonso shows the commemorative shirt of the present edition of the test, at the entrance of the neighborhood of La Majadilla. / arcadio suarez

Nelson Alonso, director of the popular Teldense race, tells about the news of the 2022 edition that will be held on July 16

Born and raised in the Teldense neighborhood of La Majadilla, Nelson Alonso, when a new edition of La Majadilla Sunset Trail arrives, goes out of his way for the participants to enjoy an event that the Youth Association carries out. Nelson Alonso is the director of a race that will be held next Saturday, July 16, with four modalities and that will break record number of entries. They want to transform the bad taste in their mouths that the unexpected suspension last year left them into an illusion.

Next Saturday a new edition of La Majadilla Sunset Trail arrives. What novelties does the test present?

This year we present four modalities, since we have added a new 14-kilometer race, and we have varied the route, especially the marathon, with 80% on trails and reaching places with spectacular scenery up to the midlands, with the passing through La Breña, Cazadores or the Los Cernícalos ravine. The test will also pass through the new Telde Landscape Corridor, a true jewel for the entire municipality.

Last year everything was ready to celebrate the race and minutes before it was suspended by the Department of Security of the Telde City Council. Is everything already forgotten?

No. This year we are more eager than ever and we owe this edition to the runners. Until we see the participants take the start and enjoy La Majadilla Sunset Trail, the bad experience we had in the last edition is not going to get out of our minds.

How about the relationship of the organization with the consistory?

As an organization we owe it to them in many ways. That was a bump, but life goes on and you have to look forward.

What differentiates La Majadilla Sunset Trail from other tests?

The post race. La Majadilla Sunset Trail is the act that opens the San Ignacio de Loyola festivities in the neighborhood and after the test the participants can enjoy a concert, the beach bars and the party. The good atmosphere that is generated after the event is extraordinary.

How did this project start?

In 2013, the La Majadilla Youth Association decided to organize the race. We held other events, such as a carnival party and a play, and together with my cousin Daniel Pérez, who is now in Barcelona, ​​we decided to start the adventure. We did the 2013, 2014 editions and in 2015 it stopped until we recovered it in 2019. The pandemic arrived and in 2021 we found ourselves with the last minute inconvenience. We started that project with three people in the organization, today we are eleven. We are very excited and that the participants leave with a great taste in their mouths. The neighborhood of La Majadilla lives its race with intensity and we all turn to make sure everything goes well and the more than 400 registered, which is our record, enjoy.

Nelson Alonso started running in 2018 and has fallen in love with the trail. He recently successfully completed his first ultra in Andorra, with 105 kilometers of travel. Administrative by profession and member of the La Majadilla Youth Association, he is dedicated to organizing the race. La Majadilla Sunset Trail brings the Catalan to the island
Álex Roca, an athlete with cerebral palsy and 76% of physical disability that has no limits and that will face the 14-kilometre modality. The Catalan suffered from herpetic viral encephalitis that affects the left part of his body and also his speech, since he communicates through sign language.

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