“We need psychological support to combat stress from the volcano”

“The material damage to La Palma is tremendous, but the psychological damage is going to be even worse,” he indicates, based on his own experiences as a public-facing worker and as a resident of the island. “People are very discouraged,” he says, since he emphasizes that “this feeling is getting worse every day.”

Above all, he is concerned about the lack of support and protection for the elderly, since “here the elderly usually do not allow themselves to be helped, because we are not in the habit.” “Here is something that is very ashamed to say and that older people are not going to ask, even if they are the ones who need it the most.”

He says that, yesterday morning, he was visited by a client of almost 80 years old, evicted from her home in Las Manchas, who used to bring her a bag with a sweet potato or a parsley bush from her garden to give her to try. “Now, he keeps his whole life in a bag,” he says. “Every day he has to turn that bag over and rummage through his things to find what he wants.”

It also reveals that a married couple of 84 and 86 years old, “used to fending for themselves, with each other, lost everything and are now alone in a hotel, fearing for the little future for which they worked.” “Hopefully a campaign will be launched to show these people who need psychological help. Whatever. Because it is going to be necessary ”, he concludes.


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