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"We must make it easy for good teachers to remain without blocking the path of those outside" | Society

"We must make it easy for good teachers to remain without blocking the path of those outside" | Society

After hours of tension due to discrepancies with the votes in two of the polling stations, the navarro Joaquín Goyache, 57, professor of Veterinary, was proclaimed yesterday new rector of the Complutense University of Madrid, the largest face-to-face campus in Spain, with 71,000 students. An extremely tight victory - 51.03% of the weighted vote - against the current rector, Carlos Andradas, that has undertaken a remodeling of the infrastructures very answered by the professors and the Personnel of Administration and Services (PAS). The new rector complains that the society has a picture between regular and bad of the Complutense when, he says, it is a university "leading in many things". Recognizes that there is a failure in the transmission of the generated knowledge.

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Question. 73% of those who teach at a Spanish public university they got their Ph.D. In his program he talked about opening interim recruitment exchanges to fight inbreeding, but that alone is not enough.

Answer. I do not think any company will let people who are good escape. Another thing is that people remain who are not. Processes must be done so that the good ones remain without preventing the free access of the outsiders. I will never do anything to lose quality. You have to make very clear processes, with transparent rules.

Do you agree with three-year degrees and two-year master's degrees?

In Spain we are going against the current. But to make some go to 4 + 1 and others to 3 + 2 in Spain is a barbarity that will mean less recognition abroad and problems. And with those prices triggered by the masters, what we are going to do is make the studies even more expensive. We have overprices of more than 50% compared to before the crisis.

He has been criticized that his project did not carry any measure of gender equality.

The whole program is based on inclusion, we have not included challenges but I have met with student associations that work on gender issues. It is a tremendously relevant topic for us.

Andradas negotiated with the archbishopric to close the chapels, but they are still there. What are you planning to do?

We are going to give freedom to the faculties. Why are we going to force them to dispense? This university has a tradition. We must think about having non-denominational spaces.

It will maintain the intention of creating a transnational university with Bologna and Paris.

Definitely. Yes to everything internationalization. We have to create more joint degrees. The basis for internationalization can not just be taught in English.

What economic situation are they?

We are going to do an economic audit, not because we suspect anything, but to know what we have. Above all audit of the processes, because we have a strenuous bureaucracy, much greater than any other public. We interpret the regulations in a very restrictive way and we have the models of other public that do things more quickly and efficiently. And we continue to use a lot of paper. That is untenable. In my candidacy we have not printed a single program.

Do you have any other ecological measure?

We want Somosaguas, which is closed, to be an energy efficient campus with real recycling.

P. The previous rector proposed to merge almost identical academic departments that had duplicated functions. It seemed logical, right?

Yes, but well done. There were departments that did not comply with our own regulations and the synergies that were sought between departments and administrations have not been fulfilled. They have done what in the community of Complutense we call Frankenstein departments, with a mixture of areas that have nothing to do and that will never enhance their research and teaching as they said. For example, it has joined Pediatrics, Public Health, History of Science and Gynecology and Obstetrics. Undoubtedly, in some cases it will have worked, but it has been a purely numerical issue - there is a supposed saving of 600,000 euros this year and a million coming - and it has been done illegally, because the regulations of structures had not been modified of the University. It has been proposed after doing it to the cloister.

And how had it been done?

You had to have seen which departments did not meet the standard, have done studies of the areas that could be strengthened and do nothing with the reports against all faculty boards and the departments involved. Ungovernable departments that are larger than some faculties have emerged from this lack of dialogue. The one of Biochemistry and molecular Biology is tremendous, with more than 100 professors. In the department councils there are twice as many participants as in a faculty meeting. That is unmanageable. If you do not have the right PAS, the departments will not work.

These four years the idea was to incorporate new profiles of PAS and train existing ones.

Training is missing The Word or Power Point course is repeated a lot and the classes of English, other languages ​​or new technologies are not strengthened enough. No new profiles have been incorporated because many projects have remained in the pipeline

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