"We must introduce Hannah Arendt and Simone de Beauvoir in Philosophy" | Society

"We must introduce Hannah Arendt and Simone de Beauvoir in Philosophy" | Society

The teacher of Philosophy Moral María José Guerra (San Cristóbal de La Laguna, 1962) chairs the Spanish Philosophy Network (REF), which groups 56 associations, and since Wednesday celebrates the strengthening of this matter in the institutes. For Guerra, who writes now Ethics for millennials, The news has not been a surprise.

Question. What subject must be renounced?
Answer. We want a formative cycle that begins with Ethics in 4th dand the ESO, continue with Philosophy in 1st and History of Philosophy in 2nd. This articulation has a history, because before the LOMCE There was already a worthy treatment in these three courses. The reference is there.

P. Do not want to enter the reorganization debate?

R. With the exception of the Community of Madrid and Murcia, in all the communities there have already been advances to incorporate the Philosophy cycle. In Euskadi, negotiations are underway. In the Canary Islands, a non-law proposal was approved unanimously. In Valencia and Galicia is in three baccalaureates, and in Castilla y León in two. This is a measure at zero cost, because the templates are. Even Madrid, hostile to the subject, has taken out 103 Philosophy professor positions.

P. Three socialist communities and Catalonia shielded History of Philosophy. Was the material instrumentalized?

R. No. The margin left by the LOMCE was used to put a bit of rationality. You can not leave a subject out of context. We are playing to build the autonomy of the individual's judgment, the argumentative capacity.

P. Has LOMCE brought you something good?

R. Many pedagogical innovation initiatives.

P.United We can say that Philosophy is taught as in the nineties.

R. We must make an effort so that the keys of the XX century are accessible in the XXI, introduce other voices. For example, Hannah Arendt, with the rise of the extreme right; or read to Simone de Beauvoir to understand gender equality. And the dissertation is important, which shows intellectual maturity. In addition, we must incorporate the concerns of the digital age, the fake news or artificial intelligence. The fact that in Philosophy we do not leave the Greek classics is a topic.

P. Would the syllabus fit each branch of the baccalaureate?

R. We proposed it to the Ministry of Education. They have to have some references of what was Greek thought, the medieval-Renaissance, the industrial revolution … but Philosophy is transversal. In Norway, the careers of Economics or Engineering have Ethics in 1st. In the United States, universities value the Critical Thinking, the argument


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