May 18, 2021

“We must continue fighting to throw transphobia into the past”

In the middle of a heated political debate about the viability and legal assumptions of the Trans Law, the group took to the streets on Wednesday to denounce the institutional abandonment and persecution that the trans community continues to suffer. “We must continue fighting to throw transphobia into the past, a past that we must teach so that it is not repeated,” the spokespersons have claimed in front of the headquarters of the Community of Madrid, in Puerta del Sol.

Shortly before, the spokesperson for the Trans Platform, Mar Cambrollé, had asked all political forces for their “unanimous support” for the Trans Law against the “ultra-right positions” and their “hate speech”. Shouting “long live the trans resistance”, one of the organizing platforms, No Binaries Madrid, has demanded that the institutions andl compliance with the promulgated points by the European Association of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals (IGLA, for its acronym in English) and that they recall that the Trans Law proposed by various groups complies with the “basic guidelines” that international standards dictate in “terms of legal recognition” .

Insulted during the rally

While the concentration was taking place, a group of people has come to reprimand and insult the group. “Fags, degenerates”, they shouted to those present while the demonstration expelled them from the square shouting “Nazis out.”

The senator of Más Madrid, Eduardo Fernández Rubiño has considered that this is “one more proof” of the escalation of tension that “some speeches” provoke and that take the rights of vulnerable people, “especially those of people. LGTBI “, a group that is” always the target of extreme right hatred. ”

The persecution suffered by the trans community has also been a reason for denunciation by different organizations. Amnesty International has echoed the latest report of Trasgender Europe, in which there are 3,664 trans people murdered in the world between 2008 and 2020. The study emphasizes that, during those 12 years, 13 people have been murdered in Spain because of their transgender status.


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