«We may have taken the hair of retirees»

«We may have taken the hair of retirees»


The frustrated agreement in the commission of the Pact of Toledo It has ended by unleashing a bitter debate among the political groups that have continued to point to Podemos today as responsible for blowing up a consensus on the future of the pension system. The purple formation has not hesitated to defend itself and he has staged his break with the PSOE, whom he has accused of "lying" and seeking "to take an electoral photo," according to the spokesperson of the Irene Montero group before entering the Plenary.

Since the popular have highlighted the incoherencies into which we have entered by putting themselves at the forefront of the demonstrations for a decent pension system and then blocking the commission that should reveal its sustainability. In the words of the Deputy Secretary of Organization of the PP, Javier Maroto: «Many retirees will feel frustrated» when they see that the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, "teased them" by attending their demonstrations and then torpedoing the agreement.

For Maroto, the pension debate, "the most important" in the country, has suffered «A new blow on the part of the left», which, in his opinion, adds to the moment in which the then Socialist deputy Pedro Sánchez "voted to freeze pensions" being José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero president of the Government.

But the crossing of accusations has not only been seen in the corridors of Congress and has also been staged in the Plenary. In a last attempt to close an agreement, the Minister of Labor, Migrations and Social Security, Magdalena Valerio has insisted that she "fully trusts" that the Toledo Pact "Still have a solution" and that an agreement "before the elections" can be reached. The minister responded in this way to the accusations of the spokeswoman of En Marea, Yolanda Díaz, who had assured that the PSOE was looking for a cut in pensions in the revision of its recommendations.

Last failed attempt

The hopes of Minister Valerio were placed on a Commission that today the President of the Pact, Celia Villalobos, "with great pain in my heart", has ruled out is going to celebrate. «The Toledo Pact is a commission that works in a different way. To convene it must be presented to the table and the commission of a document in which there is usually between 90% or 95% agreement of the parties, "he explained.

"There may be a particular vote on a specific issue, which is respected and which is later included in the document that is submitted to the Plenary. The problem is that at this moment that document does not exist. Why We can, surprisingly – for me and for all the spokespersons – presented yesterday individual votes to everything, from the introduction to the last point ", Villalobos continued, visibly affected since today he has confirmed that he abandons politics.

«I had a great desire to get the Toledo Pact. For me it has been a challenge, that I have clearly lost ». «All political groups have given in their approaches to achieve a consensus and have yielded on fundamental issues to integrate Podemos. Of course, when Podemos leaves, all the groups say that they go back to their principles, which makes it impossible to take a document to the commission. That is why it is impossible for there to be a commission. And I say it with great pain in my heart, "he asserted. «Are we going to meet? With what document? As president, what document do I bring to the table so that we can vote? Does not exist. Podemos has dynamited the Pact », Villalobos has resigned himself.

Asked if electoral interests were hidden behind the request, Villalobos has been blunt: "I've been in politics for many years, I have seen everything and I will not be manipulated. I have had to set aside my political ideas so as not to intervene in the debate. Therefore, if there is no document on which there is more than 90% agreement of the political groups, I will not call the Toledo Pact Commission. To vote what. So that speakers speak? Well, go to television and set up a debate, "he concluded.


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