July 24, 2021

We make diplomatic efforts for the Libyan authorities to act

We make diplomatic efforts for the Libyan authorities to act

The Minister of Public Works, José Luis Ábalos, said today that the Government is carrying out diplomatic efforts so that the Libyan authorities act "on their own obligation" and respecting the international law of the 12 migrants rescued by the Alicante fisherman to bring them "to the nearest safe harbor ".

Ábalos, who has made these statements after reading the decision of the jury of the Manuel Broseta Coexistence Prize, has explained to the media that he understands that the Libyan coastguard had contacted the fishing company Nuestra Madre Loreto of San Pola to do the transshipment of immigrants.

In addition, he added that he has also "heard information" about the Libyan authorities "prefer that the fisherman comes" to their shores.

"It is in this and the Government is making diplomatic efforts, but we must be clear that they are international waters and do not correspond to the territorial waters of Spain, which in that case Salvamento Marítimo is acting on a daily basis and saving a lot of people," indicated.

The twelve migrants were rescued last November 22 by the boat from Alicante when they were traveling in two boats about 80 miles off the coast of Libya.

"To the extent that the government complicates, it will act with all possible diligence," said the minister, who explained that the fisherman from Alicante, in making the rescue, complied with the International Humanitarian Law.

According to Ábalos, he has been "at all times" negotiating with the Libyan authorities, in whose waters the rescue was made, that "he acted according to his own obligation, also respecting the international right that corresponds to these people: take them to the safe harbor closest. "

"All this is what has guided the diplomatic action of Spain," said the minister, who added that "the normal thing is that the fishing does not complicate its activity, which in the end to what it was going to fishing and to develop an activity, but that was found with this circumstance ".


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