February 25, 2021

"We made the socialists in 2008. We let three million jobs be destroyed"

"We Socialists did it fatally in the crisis of 2008. Because we let three million jobs be destroyed and, as we did fatally, it is time for someone to say it, I have no problem saying it." These are the words of the Secretary of State for Social Security, Octavio Granado, in the summer courses that the Menénedez Pelayo International University celebrates in Santander. The head of Social Security thus returns to star in several controversial statements, something that has made collide with the Minister of Labor, Magdalena Valerio, in the past.

Granado had already warned him from the start of his speech on Monday. The Secretary of State has stated that it is very difficult for him to "speak without saying anything", but even more "to speak without saying what I think", which he acknowledged had caused him some problem in his life, although minor.

The Socialist politician, Secretary of State for Social Security in the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, has rejected the employment policy that the Socialist Executive then developed. Using as a comparison the advance of a squad of cyclists facing an uphill climb, Granado has criticized that at that time of economic slowdown did not resort to measures of "flexicurity" and, therefore, stay on the road many jobs ( numerous squad cyclists).

"We made it faltal, we had to have been able to do what the government of Felipe González did in 1992. Did you extend the part-time contract? Yes. Did you extend the temporary contracts? Yes. And what did you get with that? Well, there were not three million people without jobs, because in the crisis of 1992 it could have been as annoyed in Spain as the crisis of 2008. We did it faltal, "explained Granado, as The World has advanced.

The person in charge of the Social Security has emphasized instead that "we made (the socialists) well other things", like "to suppress the saving boxes that were contaminated by the brick".

Granado pointed out that the employment measures taken by Felipe González were "a very tough legislation", "very criticized by the social partners", but he has been inclined to make this type of decision: "Explain to the people" we know that this It bothers, but it is indispensable. "

Recognition of the labor reform of 2012

The head of Social Security has also assessed the impact of the labor reform of 2012, the Government of Mariano Rajoy. Granado pointed out that "I have always had a rather unorthodox point of view about labor reform, because I think it would be better if the salaries to which employment can be devalued be reduced".

However, Granado has indicated below that "the problem is that the devaluation of wages was not made with compensation to the Social Security system", which in his opinion is the origin of the current large deficit of Social Security. "And that was fatal," he said.

The PSOE has recovered this Monday the electoral promise to eliminate the "most harmful" elements of the labor reform in its proposals to seek a government agreement with United Podemos at the state level. Of course, this promise will be addressed in the context of negotiation of the new Workers' Statute "of the XXI century", which "will analyze the convenience of approving, as a matter of urgency" these modifications.

The majority unions, CCOO and UGT, have demanded that Pedro Sánchez not delay these changes to the global reform of the Workers' Statute, but that it be addressed beforehand as a priority.

Last Government "like chicken without a head"

Another of the most controversial statements of the Secretary of State this Monday has pointed to the last socialist government, Pedro Sanchez, which has been part of the Ministry that has led Magdalena Valerio.

Granado explained that in his speech he was going to talk about "what we have tried to do in this last year of government", after which he added: "A year in which sometimes gave the feeling that we were moving like headless chicken , in a very accelerated and very agitated way, but without being very clear about the objectives of the Government's work ". The politician has not specified what he was referring to in particular.

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