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We know what's wrong with Melania Trump

Since its appearance at the military parade on July 4, many comments have caused the change of image of the first lady of the United States. Not only was it surprising that she chose a dress without a bra, which caused her nipples to be too visible, but also her face seemed swollen and off-hook in some areas. Also, his body is not that slender and thin that looked upon his arrival at the White House. Was it perhaps the horizontal stripes of the dress that produced an unfortunate optical effect or is it that Melania is already suffering from the first symptoms of menopause? Personally, I favor this second option, considering that Donald Trump's wife turned 49 in April.

Throughout the life of the woman many hormonal changes occur that visibly affect the body, which tends to swell, to retain fluids, to widen the hips and abdominal area, mainly. During the first years of menopause, which usually appears between 45 and 56 years, you can even lose up to 30% of collagen, which causes the body to lose its tone. There are several effects of this hormonal imbalance associated with the withdrawal of the period.


First, there is an increase in the percentage of body fat: It is known that the decrease in female hormones is linked to a reduction in lean mass and increase in body fat mass, which at 20 years is 26% , goes up to 33% at 40; and to 42%, at 50. This not only affects aesthetics, but also can suppose a cardiovascular problem and also lead to diabetes. Also, an excessive weight affects the joints, which in this time we must take special care, since osteoporosis is on the lookout. Several studies have confirmed that hot flashes are more frequent among overweight women. Also the breasts suffer an increase of the adipose component that causes a change in the texture, size and consistency.

Weight gain during these years can cause a problem for women. Would it solve that Melania Trump followed a diet to avoid the widening of the last months? Very strict regimes or "miracle diets" work for a few days, but there is growing evidence that these "solutions" have an expiration date and that, if no longer-term changes are incorporated, all that effort is nothing. in a short time and a "rebound effect" occurs.


With regard to the change in the face of the first lady, this could be due to an acceleration of skin aging, typical also from 45 years. Decreases the production of estrogen, the skin becomes dehydrated and becomes dry and rough, the face is refined by losing its elasticity and wrinkles become deeper by the degradation of elastin and collagen, responsible for the firmness of the dermis.

Dr. Mar Mira of the clinic Mira & Cueto Estética ( confirms that "we can not know if the case of Melania is directly related to the changes suffered by many women during menopause, but it is true that at this stage the hormones can be responsible for changes in body curves, "and adds:" We must remember that the hormonal swings – adolescence, pregnancy and lactation and menopause – can affect the distribution of body fat in different areas (thighs, flanks, buttocks, waist, abdomen …), and that is why it is so important to make a personalized diagnosis and adjust a program of equipment, food and physical activity to redefine the curves. According to the prestigious beautician of the stars Carmen Navarro, we must begin by "resetting" the organism by performing manual movements in the critical areas in order to de-fibrize and rejuvenate the tissues. «We will achieve it with our Reset Massage. The objective is to unblock the energetic channels of the body and to provide the tissues with sponginess and elasticity, something that they need to recover. Then it will be essential to mobilize and release the localized fat and activate the lymphatic system and the fibroblasts in order to produce hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin ». All this is combined "with a very new technique and recently incorporated in our centers: Zionic, the reducing jellyfish. Its shape resembles that of a jellyfish and its tentacles are the rollers used to perform active massage ». What we get? «A deeper action that reactivates the metabolic processes that we are numbed by the hormonal process that we are living».

In the case of Melania, continues the esthetician, "we would achieve a triple action: dermal, vascular and muscular. The objective of remodeling, toning and reaffirming will be achieved. It is ideal for women during menopause because it works localized fat, cellulite and flaccidity in parallel. And, in addition, we will be relieving the muscular tensions caused by stress in this period of maximum sensitivity ». 10 sessions of 70 minutes at € 100 per session are recommended. «In the last phase, LPG Edermologie is used, whose objective is to eliminate the localized fat accumulations. Thus, the body feels lighter, "concludes Navarro.

How to stop the overweight of menopause

To combat this natural tendency to overweight of menopause, a group of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States proposed through a paper in the "Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics" a change in dietary strategy. This study with 508 women observed during 4 months allowed to detect the changes of habits more effective to stay thin. The goal was not to achieve a short-term weight loss, but a healthy weight in a sustained manner over time through the following tips:

one Increase fruit consumption Use them to replace other types of snacks.

two Change the meat and cheeses for fish in the menu.

3 Increase the volume that the vegetables occupy in the dish and reduce the meat.

4 Take more whole grains without added sugar.

5 Run away from fried foods and sugars in your usual diet. Eliminating cakes, ice creams, cakes, soft drinks and sugary juices is the strategy that showed the best results on its own in the long term.

6 Do moderate exercise on a regular basis.

7 Traditional treatments for obesity based on reducing caloric intake do not work.

8 Keep in mind that menopause does not make you fat: it's a myth. Yes, the distribution of fat changes; It moves from the buttocks to the abdominal circumference.

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