February 27, 2021

“We have to wait to have the economic recovery in line in 2021”

This is not the time to raise the minimum wage. The Vice President of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, has asked this Monday to “wait until the economic recovery is on its way in 2021” to approve a rise in the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (SMI) in an interview on the program Al Rojo Vivo on La Sexta. The debate continues in the Government, since the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has indicated that it would be “worrying” if Spanish companies could not raise the SMI by 9 euros per month, suggesting that their position would be an increase similar to the one they have obtained from civil servants or pensions, 0.9%.

Businessmen insist on freezing the SMI and highlight that part of the Government supports it

Businessmen insist on freezing the SMI and highlight that part of the Government supports it

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This Monday there is a meeting of the social agents to continue with the negotiation on the SMI. The unions demand a rise of 1.8% while the CEOE company advocates its freeze.

“If there is no agreement between the social agents, perhaps what we are being told is that we have to take time and that this decision must be taken with the economic recovery in line,” stressed the Vice President of Economic Affairs. His words have been interpreted by the unions as the transfer of “a right of veto” to the CEOE employer to prevent the rise in the SMI.

The secretary general of CCOO, Unai Sordo, has pointed out that Calviño with these statements “slides a clear message [a la CEOE] “If you don’t agree to raise the SMI, it won’t go up.” The Government must promote social dialogue, not put a beating on the wheels. Not like that. “The vice president responded to the union leader that the coalition executive” trusts in social dialogue but we have to make the right decisions at the right time. ”

Although he has not wanted to clearly position himself on the decision that the Government will finally make, Calviño has put forward arguments to delay the increase in the SMI: “No one is able to make a decision on the minimum wage in the economic context, when the GDP drop is in double digits. We have to make decisions for the general interest. We must recover the growth of the economy and boost employment, without forgetting that there are 750,000 workers covered by the ERTE and 250,000 workers who have lost their jobs and have to get it back. ”

Calviño thus collects the position of Pedro Sánchez himself and the socialist ministers of the coalition government. Sánchez is not in favor of raising the Minimum Wage Interprofessional (SMI) in 2021. The President of the Government prefers to bet on caution in the context of the economic crisis that plagues Spain due to the COVID-19 pandemic and leave the floor of salaries at the current 950 euros per month, according to several government sources confirmed to elDiario.es.


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