Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

"We have to make the best match of the year to win at Valencia"

Pesic: “Hemos de hacer el mejor partido del año para ganar al Valencia”

The champion of Copa del Rey of basketball will begin the defense of its title this Thursday against Valencia. "We are ready", he asserted Svetislav Pesic in the previous. The technician of Barça Lassa, one of the architects of the surprising title that was won last year, has dedicated himself to extolling Valencia.

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"It's a very complete team to which I have a lot of respect. He is excellent in all the lines and we have to play the best game of the season if we want to qualify, "said the Serbian coach. "Dubljevic and Will Tomas have a lot of experience and form one of the best indoor couples in Europe," he added.

I do not see anywhere that we are in a great moment, I think there is a lot of room for improvement "

Unlike what happened last year, the club faces the Cup at a great time, leader of the Endesa League and in good shape in the Euroleague. Pesic wants to tie that small dose of euphoria. "I do not see anywhere that great moment that people say, I think we have a lot of room for improvement to reach our maximum", he assured.

On a competition like the Cup, which ensures that it is "admired in the whole world", Pesic wanted to emphasize the details. "They are always important. First, the initial five that the opponent takes, then the changes they make. You need to have prepared alternatives and also react if they surprise you with a variant that you have not foreseen, "he underlined.

We are very good in the Endesa League and in the Euroleague, but that does not mean anything in the Copa del Rey "

For its part, Ante Tomic, one of the leaders of the Barca dressing room, has also highlighted the difficulty of a competition like the Cup. "If the Spanish league is one of the best in the world, that means that in the Cup you play against the best teams of the world, since you play three games in three or four days against the best teams in Spain, "he explained.

The Croatian pivot has not wanted to rely too much on the good time of Barça. "It is clear that getting victories tr gives confidence but that does not mean anything. We are very good in the Endesa League and the Euroleague, but the Cup will be something different. There are many games in a few days and you have to be, above all, very strong head, "he said.

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