June 5, 2020

“We have other mechanisms” to make responsible opposition

In an interview in ‘TVE breakfasts’, collected by Europa Press, Rodríguez recalled that the opposition demanded the reopening of the Congress of Deputies. “And we have it half open,” he said, to later indicate that they are having the opportunity to hold control sessions “practically every week.”

“The commissions are working and I believe that this is the field where we have to move, trusting that the media faithfully reproduce reality and what is happening,” he said.

Rodríguez has thus referred to the pact signed between the PSOE, Unidas Podemos and EH Bildu and the subsequent rectification of the Socialists. “Rufián called him a vaudeville, and I like to call him sainete more, which is like more traditional”, joked the ‘popular’ leader.


In this vein, the deputy secretary has acknowledged that she was puzzled by the agreement announced late on Wednesday, which had been “signed in exchange for 5 abstentions”, those of the Basque deputies. “He is playing with one of the pieces that have to be more stable at this difficult time,” he lamented.

“In a time of tribulations, do not move,” Rodríguez has paraphrased, later criticizing the explanations provided by members of the Executive this Thursday. “When a vice president comes out and says that what is signed is signed, then an important minister comes out to say that they are nuances and then another vice president comes out … we do not deserve this,” he added.

Finally, the ex-minister has also justified the refusal of the party chaired by Pablo Casado to support further extensions of the state of alarm. Thus, he has asserted that “a time has come” when the number of patients, the supply and demand of health care and the greater knowledge of the disease should lead to a new scenario.


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