"We have done our best"

"We have done our best"

The head of the Mining Rescue Brigade displaced from Asturias, Sergio Tuñón, today transferred the condolences to the Julen family, whose body has been rescued from the well in which it fell in Totalán (Málaga), and thanked the help and Affection received during these work days.

"We did not have the opportunity to convey the condolences to the family yesterday, because given the hours and how it all ended we could not," said Tuñón in a brief appearance before journalists at the hotel in Rincon de la Victoria (Malaga) where he is staying The brigade.

He also thanked the media for the "respect" they have shown these days, "because you knew where you were and did not overwhelm us a lot."

He added that his gratitude was "mainly to the comrades who participated in the rescue, who helped in everything they could, and exceptionally, to the entire population and the people here, who treated us very well these days."

"We hope we have worked the best we can, that you have no doubt, and we have done our best", said the head of the brigade.

At the beginning of the appearance, Tuñón has been received by the neighbors gathered in the place with applause and shouts of "heroes" and "thank you very much".


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