February 24, 2021

We have come to serve Spain

Antequera (Málaga), Feb 22 (EFE). The secretary general of Vox and national deputy, Javier Ortega Smith, said on Saturday that “we have not come to politics to serve us but to serve, and with our effort to raise the Spanish people and Spanish unity.”

Ortega Smith, who has participated in a Vox event in Antequera (Málaga), has stressed that the “recipe” of a good government consists among others, in lowering taxes and providing security to citizens.

The secretary general of Vox said at the beginning of the act his emotion and joy for the support and the great reception he perceives in all the acts he goes to. “What is happening right now in Spain is exciting, I had never thought that we could gather so much emotion together, whether in the countryside or in the city,” he said.

He has also argued that since the birth of Vox, the rest of the parties have made “all kinds of coffees and dirt” to stain their image, although they consider that “the more they attack us, the stronger we become, and the more we will fight in unity.”

Ortega has defended at all costs, today, in Antequera, the parental PIN, judicial independence, as well as the unity of Spain. A few words he has thrown with great enthusiasm before about 400 militants in the rooms of the Antequera Golf Hotel.

“Parents and only parents are the only ones who have the right to educate their children according to their convictions and beliefs; not the totalitarian state ”Ortega Smith has remarked in defense of the parental PIN, a measure that he considered“ fundamental ”.

The number two of the training indicated that Vox have the same criteria for all of Spain.

“We are consistent,” he said, “we are a party that has a single message for all of Spain, a single speech. We defend the same values ​​in Murcia, in Madrid, Andalusia, Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia ”.

Ortega Smith has affirmed that the government of Pedro Sánchez is supported by those who despise the unity of Spain, its history and its national sovereignty, which it qualifies as “shameless” ones.

He also lamented the blocking of his party’s Twitter account: “This does not respond to a coincidence; what we were denouncing were workshops that are directly a promotion of child abuse. Instead, those other Twitter accounts from where we are threatened with death, and where false messages were released that said we were glad that immigrants died at sea … All those miseries that have been launched in other accounts have not been censored. ”

The provincial president of the formation, José Enrique Lara; the provincial president Patricia Rueda and the national head of Vox Young, Luis Felipe Ulecia.

The act has ended with the national anthem and all attendees standing, to the resounding cry of Viva España !.


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