June 15, 2021

“We have come from Madrid to Benidorm singing let’s go to the beach”

At 13.45 the 66 travelers that they will stay five days at the Alameda hotel, “very nervous after coming after a pandemic, we were eager to return.” Some had not been able to sleep that night and did so in the coach, where they say that “We have gone all the trip singing ‘let’s go to the beach'”.

The requirement? Have both doses administered and what happened 15 days from the inoculation of the second. The association delivers a new mask, hydroalcoholic gel Y take the temperature before getting on the bus.

Received with applause by the residents of the city, the president of the entity, Marcelo Cornellá He confesses that “we are all amazed by the reception we have had”.

The warm welcome was given by the mayor, Toni Perez, who was waiting there and the high temperatures that the thermometer marked yesterday in the capital of the Costa Blanca. Likewise, the mayor declared that “today is an important day, this is the first trip organized by and for the elderly, a segment of the population that has suffered a lot from this pandemic and is eager to leave home and enjoy our sun and beaches Tourism is the vaccine for tourist destinations but it is also the mental vaccine of hope for thousands of people who have their tranquility in places like Benidorm and a very different way of enjoying something very different from what this has been. pandemic”.

A few words shared by Marcelo Cornellá, who nicknames the sun and the Mediterranean beach as “the third vaccine”, alluding to the serum against covid-19.

Picking up the glove, Pérez said that this group of people “are very loyal to Benidorm, a great destination for all ages. With so much as we have suffered, we need enthusiasm, hope and a lot of courage, all vaccinated with two doses and wanting to come The city must receive them as they deserve. ”

8,753 reservations

During the five that will spend in the capital of the Costa Blanca “we want to clear ourselves of everything that has happened during the confinement and what it has entailed: anxiolytics, loneliness, loss of acquaintances. The vitamin of the sun and the beach is more necessary than ever, “adds Cornellá.

The news of these trips has not been long in coming and 8,753 people have signed up for the call, with reservation, from all places in Spain. “People want to come and, as they get vaccinated and the reasonable time of the fifteen days following the second dose passes, we will bring them. Next week many more will arrive.”

In addition, the president of ACUMFU anticipates that “they are about to reach an agreement with a large transport company so that from anywhere in Spain it costs the same price to come to Benidorm by bus. And to facilitate coming to the Costa Blanca” , he points out.

Aware of the situation in which the hotel and hospitality sector is, engines of the Mediterranean economy, with this trip “we want to set an example and make visible something that should be normal. To go on vacation or make a trip, you have to have the two vaccines. Let’s see if we can find more people who replicate what we are doing and make safe trips. We must transmit tranquility and encourage many more people to come and enjoy Benidorm safely, “he said.

No sooner said than done. Ahead of five days to disconnect and have fun. And, to wait for the others for the next few weeks.


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