April 23, 2021

«We have already looked at flights to Seville»

«Today is not a normal day here, even my boss has asked me to take the day off, my head is only in football», laughs the president of the Peña del Mirandés “Young Jabatos”, as the players of the Burgos team are nicknamed. What began as a gang of friends has ended up in a group that already touches the 300 faithful. Gonzalo Guinea, president of the rock, remember how it was constituted: «We were back in the sunken coach, we had just descended to Second B. To encourage a little I proposed to make a rock and thus pass with more relief the decline of category ». Finally, the consummation of the administrative descent of Murcia would keep them in the second category, where this rock began its path.

In addition to the number of affiliates, many things have changed in five years. «We made the first banner with a sheet of house and today we will extend a fireproof typhoon of 1,200 euros», Gonzalo says. This investment would not have been possible if it were not a historical event. Today Mirandés can become the only Second team to go to the Copa del Rey final in the last 40 years, since Real Madrid Castilla achieved it. But first he will have to eliminate the powerful Real Sociedad, sixth ranked LaLiga, who took a adjusted result (2-1) of San Sebastián and that does not grant them even the slightest margin of error. A 1-0 would write the name of Mirandés in the history of Spanish football. In addition, the push of Anduva and his clubs will be one more factor against those of Imanol Alguacil, a San Sebastian coach.

Precisely, Anduva received the Txuriurdin coach less than a year ago, but it was the staff of the subsidiary that got off it. And the Burgos were militant last year in Second B, category in which they faced the Royal Society B, which still had among its ranks the central Robin Le Normand, today seated in the eleven of Sheriff.

Beyond the local support and the copera illusion, in this town of Burgos they are aware of the difficulties of the pass, which adds a minimum rest of their players, who tied Sunday in Girona. Real played on Friday. But as Gonzalo Guinea states, “today there are no excuses that are worth.” In addition, the Donostiarras arrive at a great moment: three straight wins and one match less than the rest keep them as serious aspirants to finish the season in Champions positions. The Nordic Isak, Pichichi de la Copa, and Odegaard are the main visiting threats. Even so, from this rock they are predictors: «Just in case we have already looked at buses, flights and accommodations for Seville. The last thing you lose is hope”. La Cartuja will host the final.

Although today Miranda de Ebro is full of flags of her team, few of its 35,000 inhabitants will be able to witness the meeting. Anduva has just over 5,000 locations and 1,000 of them belong to La Real, a management that has aroused the disagreement of his hobby. «The financial and sports administration of the club has always been brilliant, but socially I think there is a lot of work to do. The clubs and the partners of all the life have not even had the possibility of withdrawing a second entry, and in the displacements many times we miss a simple tweet of recognition ”, laments Gonzalo.

If he won today, the Mirandés would break a streak of six consecutive games without winning. and in LaLiga Smartbank they seem subscribers to the tables. Tonight is no other draw, but the goals of his Pichichi Matheus Aias.


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