We have a social responsibility and as individuals

In the fight against the coronavirus the responsibility is both social and individual and therefore everyone should collaborate to the best of their ability, in the opinion of the actor Álvaro Morte, who has participated in the first solidarity marathon to raise funds for the search for a vaccine of COVID-19.

Presented by Carlos Latre and broadcast live on YouTube from 10 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Morte has been one of the well-known faces that has wanted to support the #YoMeCorono initiative, promoted by the Fight Against AIDS Foundation, IrsiCaixa and the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital, personified by Dr. Buenaventura Clotet.

“Please, collaborate, we all have to be together. This #YoMeCorono movement seeks the planetary good, which is to find a vaccine so that this does not happen again,” stressed the ‘Professor’ of “The Paper House.”

For him, despite how “traumatic” confinement is, it is an opportunity to spend more time with his family, to put the pedals on his daughter Julieta’s bicycle and to put a little perspective on the busy life he leads. and that it makes him miss “little things from day to day”, which in the end is the important thing.

In this regard, he has referred to the tremendous international success of “La casa de papel”, which has caused things as striking as having people tattoo the faces of a character or that banners with the name of the series have covered entire stadiums.

But of all that, what most moved Morte was what happened on the edge of the Open Arms, the ship that picks up immigrants adrift in the Mediterranean.

“I saw on the Open Arms’ social media a video of once they rescued drifting immigrants and, when they were all aboard and safe, they all broke into singing the ‘Bella Ciao’,” the historic Italian song he has recovered the series and it has become a hymn.

“That kind of thing reaches your heart,” said Morte, who recalled that “La casa de papel” is a series that the only thing he tries to do is entertain, but if he also manages to send a small message of solidarity, “it is much more nice”.

And that is what you think this crisis is achieving. “We all have the opportunity to be united and all work together, not only from Spain, from all over the world.”

Morte has been one of the well-known faces that have participated in the solidarity marathon, through which Mercedes Milá, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Andreu Buenafuente, Silvia Abril, Ona Carbonell, Javier Cámara or Paco León have passed – in one of the best moments of the day, showing that he had put on a shirt to do well but had remained in his shorts.

Also singers such as Javier Gurruchaga, Soraya, Pastora Soler, Miguel Poveda or Enrique Heredia ‘Negri’, who have performed songs live.

In the morning, chefs such as Ángel León, Ferran Adrià, or Nandu Jabany, the actor Juan Echanove, Arturo Valls, El Monaguillo, Flo, David Fernández Ortiz or Edu Soto participated.

All with good humor and playing jokes, because, as Jesús Vázquez has said: “You have to laugh at the penalties.”


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