June 21, 2021

We have a question about the pandemic but what makes us raise the issue of ETA

The control session returned to Congress and with it the healthy Spanish political traditions. One of them is that it does not matter what is the issue that most concerns citizens – in these times obviously the pandemic – because it is always the right time to bring up the subject of ETA. The terrorist organization is history, but it is part of the menu of the day of certain parties. The suicide of prisoner Igor González, in prison for fifteen years, became reason enough to charge against the Government on Wednesday, not because of the possible responsibility of the prison administration for the safety of an inmate, but because Pedro Sánchez had ” deeply regretted “the passing of the previous day in the Senate. As he was not happy about the event and did not uncork a bottle of champagne, Pablo Casado made up the news: “Yesterday he condemned the death of ETA,” he said. Are the suicides of prisoners now a success of democracy in Spain?

In the same vein, Inés Arrimadas, before asking her question about going back to school, took for granted that not congratulating herself on the suicide of a person convicted of terrorism crimes is an affront to other people: “I ask the Government to show more empathy with the victims of ETA than with their executioners. ” The same Santiago Abascal: “He will not have our condolences to one of his accomplices.”

To criticize Pablo Iglesias, the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, said that “ETA is a terrorist band, not a music band.” In present. When they feel like it, politicians turn the clocks back a few years.

As explained by the jurist and former PP deputy Jesús López-Medel, “when a person enters a penitentiary, the Administration assumes a duty to protect and care for the life and health of that person, and one thing is that it is not responsible for all the suicides that occur in prisons and another is to see whether or not it has used enough to avoid such an outcome. ”This is especially true for prisoners who have tried to kill themselves before.

Mertxe Aizpurua, a Bildu deputy, demanded that the Interior Minister put an end to the removal of ETA prisoners and that those who are ill in serious condition be released. She recalled that Igor González had tried to commit suicide three times. “This was an avoidable death,” he said.

Grande-Marlaska couldn’t help but answer the question. He did not want to refer to the González case with the helpful argument of the Data Protection Law and defended that “prison legislation is exemplary” in Spain. He reported that 90 ETA prisoners “have been transferred and changed grades in recent years, always with judicial control.”

The first plenary session after the summer was adapted to the worsening of the pandemic in Madrid and the new restrictive measures ordered by the Government of the Community. Not all the deputies were there and they all wore masks, also during the speeches. The PP bench, which governs Madrid, applied them in its own way. The first two rows of seats, where the most prominent deputies are, were occupied, so the safety distance between them was less than 50 centimeters.

However, the measures served to exclude Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo from this plenary session, the group’s spokeswoman dismissed by Casado in the summer. No problem. She has set up her own rostrum by launching a personal channel on YouTube. To inaugurate it the day before, he made a control session of the leader of his party. She explained that the parliamentary group has denied her being part of the commissions that she had chosen and has given her others. And about attending the plenary session, I’m sorry, but you are off the VIP list: “As the group’s management explained to me, only the 44 most important will attend. For the leadership of the PP, to be seated less than 50 centimeters from Álvarez de Toledo must be a very hard drink.

Álvarez de Toledo has called his video channel “CATilinarias” for Cicero’s four speeches against the demagogue Catilina. In terms of political oratory, it is always lustrous to compare oneself with Cicero and his interventions in favor of the Roman republic and against tyranny. It should never be forgotten that the illustrious senator ended up being assassinated by order of Marco Antonio, who arranged for his head and his right hand, with which he wrote his speeches, to be placed for a time next to the Senate speaker’s rostrum. His wife Fulvia busied himself ripping out his tongue. Cicero knew how to enrage his political rivals.

Casado is likely to use less expeditious methods to silence his former star signing. It will not be for lack of desire.

Rufián’s message to Podemos

The control sessions in September are only an appetizer of the most decisive pending debate, that of the budgets, without which the life expectancy of the legislature would be at a minimum. The PSOE is pulling cables to several places at the same time to see which is the one that resists more weight. Sánchez does not talk much about agreeing with Esquerra, and instead with Ciudadanos and even with the PP, although he knows that the latter is impossible. In that game of appearances prior to the actual negotiation, Gabriel Rufián chose in plenary to address the group of United We Can with the intention of driving a wedge into the coalition government: “Don’t you realize that this operation, that of reviving one of the parties of the right, goes far beyond a budget? That the operation is that the PSOE can choose between you or Citizens in the next ten years?

We do not know if Sánchez is concerned that Podemos will be nervous about that possibility. For now, he has given Pablo Iglesias guarantees that he will not negotiate at the sword of his group. As it has already kept him in the dark on two very important matters – the flight of Juan Carlos de Borbón and the merger of CaixaBank and Bankia – he cannot afford many more tricks. Perhaps that is why the president made an unforced error in answering Rufián. “Ciudadanos has already chosen. He has not left the photo of Colón,” he said in a statement that seemed to surprise, perhaps even uncomfortable, Arrimadas.

It is a strange way of negotiating with a party to remind them of some of their worst nightmares.


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