“We had to send the police to do the Covid tests”

Despite the year and a half in which the planet has lived with the Covid-19 and the severity of the virus has been reflected, there are still people who do not facilitate the work of health personnel who fight tirelessly against the spread of SARS-CoV2.

In an interview at COPE Gran Canaria, the coordinator of the tracking team of the Canary Islands Health Service, Miguel Ángel Díaz Barreiros, has explained the work that trackers do to identify all the contacts of a person who has tested positive for COVID.

“We call the positive to ask what people have met and may be at risk of being infected. That person does not want to get friends or family in trouble or even people around him tell them not to identify them”, explains when explaining several of the difficulties encountered in their work, such as people who do not want to be identified as close contact.

There are people who, being aware that they suffer from symptoms, do not call anyone and meet with other people, according to Barreiros. “Others do not want to be tested for fear of being isolated for ten days.” In some cases they find out indirectly and even admit that “we had to send the police officers so that someone could take the tests”, Add.

Listen to the full interview at COPE Canarias.

The Canary Islands have passed this Friday for the first time in the pandemic a thousand infections in a single day, 1,023, in a day in which two new deaths from covid-19 were registered, including that of a five-year-old child, and in which for the third consecutive day the record of infections in 24 hours was broken.

The boy, what has died in Tenerife, “He suffered an accidental drowning and respiratory deterioration due to SARS-CoV2 infection”, according to the Ministry of Health; the other deceased person, also in Tenerife, is a 90-year-old woman with previous pathologies.

There are fifteen more people hospitalized in the plant than on Thursday, 357 compared to 342, and the patients in the intensive care units are sixty, the same as the day before.

The cumulative incidence of cases in the last fourteen days stands at 413.2 and last seven days at 232.82.

The infections have been more numerous in Tenerife, with 529, followed by Gran canaria with 391, Fuerteventura with 38, Lanzarote with 21, La Palma with 20, La Gomera with 19 and El Hierro 5.

The accumulated infections Since the beginning of the pandemic in the Canary Islands there are 73,367, deaths 806, medical discharges 62,168 and active cases 10,393, the first time that 10,000 simultaneous patients have been exceeded.

In Tenerife there are 6,204 active cases, in Gran Canaria 3,344, in Fuerteventura 419, in Lanzarote 177, in La Palma 167, in La Gomera 68 and in El Hierro 14.

Health has carried out 1,767,104 diagnostic tests, of them 9,498 on Thursday.

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