"We give the show to others"

Pedro Sánchez vindicates Ángel Gabilondo as the only candidate capable of leading a "serious government" for the Community of Madrid that faces the challenges that lie ahead to leave behind "the screams and rudeness", "narcissism", "the fireworks, "" posed photos "and the" aggressive, corrosive and destructive policy "that, in his opinion, Isabel Díaz Ayuso has starred in these two years as head of the regional executive. "What we have to do in Madrid is to govern seriously and the only candidate and project capable of doing so is Gabilondo and the acronym that follows him is the PSOE," the president said this Saturday at a ceremony in Ferraz in which he presented the campaign of the elections of May 4. "We give the show to others," said the socialist leader.

Ángel Gabilondo launches his campaign: "Bland, serious and formal"

Ángel Gabilondo launches his campaign: "Bland, serious and formal"

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Sánchez will turn to a campaign in which the Socialists are aware that taking Puerta del Sol from the PP is going to be a complicated challenge. Although the fear that Unidos Podemos would be left out of the Madrid Assembly has disappeared before Pablo Iglesias' decision to head the list, in Ferraz they are aware that the balance will tip one or two seats to one side or another. Despite of that plebiscite scenario on AyusoSánchez has assured that the Socialists are not going to ask Madrilenians to "vote against anyone": "We will ask you to support what you have not had in the last two years, we will ask you to vote for a serious government focused on what is important, that it is vaccination, overcoming the pandemic, economic recovery, job creation, social protection so that no one is left behind. "

"If there is a political project, a sensible, prudent, intelligent candidate, capable of reaching agreements, that is the PSOE with Ángel Gabilondo at the helm," Sánchez insisted, who has made it clear that the intention of the socialists is not to enter into the 'melee' and, without expressly citing any of the candidates, has said that "the anger, the shouts, the fuss" are left "to others." However, he has pointed out directly to the Madrid president by assuring that "if there is a project opposed to the narcissism that has been seen in the last two years, which works for others, it is Ángel Gabilondo and the PSOE."

The Madrid PSOE leadership quickly settled the debate on Gabilondo's candidacy for the proclaim him headlining again just twelve hours after the justice confirmed the holding of the elections. In the socialist ranks his figure had been very questioned by the low profile of his opposition to Isabel Díaz Ayuso. It is precisely that "bland, serious and formal" attitude that the candidate claims in his presentation video under the slogan 'Governing seriously'. "I know that others would prefer a more aggressive, more exaggerated, more incisive profile, but the most important thing is not that, it is what each one of us really is beyond the characterizations - Gabilondo himself said -. Thanks for the praise. , because of the critics, here I am as I am and who I am willing to give how much I am, and how much I am and how much I live for this project for Madrid ".

"Angel starts and the entire Socialist Party starts. We are not going to stop until we govern," said the vice mayor of Rivas Vaciamadrid, Mónica Carazo, who will lead the campaign. Now the PSOE is looking for a number two for the Madrid list with the aim, in addition, that it can relieve Gabilondo in case it does not conquer the Puerta del Sol. Among the options are a member of the Government, such as Pilar Llop, and even the Secretary of State for Migration, Hana Jalloul, to whom Pedro Sánchez has assigned, together with the MEP Lina Gálvez, the coordination of the political conference of the 40th Congress to be held in October.

Both Sánchez and Gabilondo have wanted to focus the campaign debate on the criticism of Ayuso's management in these two years. "It has been a wasteland," said Sánchez, who assured that his management is summarized with a number - "zero" -: "Faced with that zero in management, infinite tension, polarization, insults, provocations and, yes, many Fireworks. Just what Madrid needs the least, said the secretary general of the PSOE, who recalled that in two years the Community of Madrid has approved a single law, that of land - which the Socialists have appealed to the Constitutional Court -: "Only that law, the one that has to do with speculation when the PP governs in Madrid."

The president has also taken the opportunity to distinguish the management of the Government - and of most of the autonomies, as he explained - with respect to that of the Community of Madrid, which has recalled that "it has been in the worst health data." In fact, he has reproached Ayuso that, with the electoral call, "what he has done is to block the aid of the Government of Spain in a week that is fundamental" for the economic fabric. "600 million have been blocked in aid for SMEs, for the productive fabric," he said, despite the fact that the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, assured that they were not at risk. They are blocked as a result of partisan interests. " He has also reproached the Madrid executive for having unmarked "week after weeks of those consensuses" between autonomies to "fight the virus."

Sánchez has finished his speech by assuring that in the two years of the Madrid legislature "there have been more than enough screams and reasons have been lacking": "The anger, the screams, the fuss we leave it to others." "We give it to the others as a gift," said Sánchez, who has presented Gabilondo as "the only bet to seriously govern Madrid."

Gabilondo: "I am among and with progressives who do not shout or gesticulate"

Gabilondo has taken the floor ironically with the 14 times he has counted that the president enunciated the word "serious. "I think I got the hint," he joked before saying that the opposite of serious is not "fun" but "frivolous." "I want my message to be one: Yes, I am bland, serious and formal -he said about the motto that emulates Loquillo's song Ugly, strong, and formal-. I can guarantee a serious Government and a serious Government ", has begun in the act that has been celebrated of blended form with the assistance of the cupola of the PSOE and the direction of the Madrid federation.

"Does that shouting and that show represent us? Isn't it time to govern seriously?" Asked the candidate, alluding to the slogan of the campaign. "I feel deep shame to see regional politics turned into a fair of nonsense about serious business. " The president had cited in his speech specific figures of the aid that Ayuso has received from the central government, such as the 3,300 million from the COVID fund or extraordinary transfers, and Gabilondo has ensured that his intention is to address a "real and honest political debate" on the situation in the region, which he has emphasized is the one that invests the least in education and the one with the most private healthcare.

"I am on the left that really changes things. I am among and with progressives who do not shout or gesticulate," Gabilondo said in a clear allusion to his opponents on the left. "I'm in Madrid that says 'no' to the extreme right," said the socialist candidate who mentioned 15M or Madrid from the balconies that applauded the toilets during the confinement.

Gabilondo has raised three central proposals for the Community of Madrid: "Take a step into the future, have a certain horizon and leave behind a past time of the PP of inequality, social injustice and corruption that is now moving towards an extremist and demagogic present"; "stability" after having seen four regional presidents and several opposition spokesmen pass in six years, as he explained; and "restore institutional political dignity." "I humbly aspire to represent a social majority that expects sanity and honesty from their public positions in the exercise of their responsibilities and not a dark stardom in the media and networks with other interests," he said.

The socialist candidate has indicated that, despite the "histrionics" of the start of the electoral competition, he trusts "in the capacity of Madrid society to overcome the health, economic and social emergency situation" as well as to "overcome the political and social degradation. institutional". "I passionately believe that we are going to achieve it and I ask you to do it, not for revenge or partisanship, that we do it for Madrid and, furthermore, I mean it very seriously," he said.


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