May 18, 2021

«We fight so that nobody has to hear insults»

«We fight so that nobody has to hear insults»

Former Real Sociedad player, author of the book «Latidos de futbolista», which she wrote during her time at the San Sebastian club, and now one of the two Ambassadors of LaLiga, Aintzane Encinas (San Sebastián, 30 years old) wants to contribute her bit so that women's football continues to grow and making lovers of this sport fall in love. Ganas and illusion is not lacking.

– Do you miss the short suit?

Very much less. The costumes, the atmosphere before games, the competition, being with your teammates playing against other teams. That common goal of beating others … Yes, I miss it.

– He has not been far from the ball. Now she is the International Ambassador of LaLiga, how are you doing?

It is being a very beautiful experience. I have been playing in the league for many years and to be able to tell how beautiful our competition is, the level it has and that others listen to it is important.

– Vero Boquete and you are the only women. Do not you think you need more?

It is essential that there are women in all areas related to sport. There are many sporting successes behind women. It is true that LaLiga started with its ambassadors and then they incorporated us to Vero and then to me. It is important that little by little they incorporate more women, but it is essential that those who are playing continue to increase the level of LaLiga. The rest is coming only.

– How do you assess the story of the referee who, at the age of 15, had to leave football due to threats?

I came to the story through social networks. I saw him and I really wanted to send him a message in case it came to him. Luckily, social networks bring you closer to people who are far away and I was immediately able to contact her. For me, the step it has taken is very important, making it public. The referees must be respected whether they are men or women. It is fundamental that we are all aware that without them there is no game and that respect is above all.

– What did he tell you?

What we talked about I keep it for me. She plays football, she is passionate and will continue playing. It is a traumatic situation. That from small we are educating the children in the way we are doing … That society is noticing where we are doing things wrong. It is just a gesture and the important thing is the step that she and her family have taken to make it public. Surely it serves so that many people realize many things.

– During your career, did you have to face many difficulties?

We are lucky that there are pioneers who had a very bad time to play, to compete … so that we would be in better conditions. I have had barriers to overcome from opinions and bad gestures. Of things that I have lived and that reflect the same thing that could have lived any of the girls who have played football in their childhood. The situation of being a woman soccer player is more normal and for that we fight so that nobody has to hear insults. Everyone must be aware of this.

– Is society more sensitive to women's football?

It is the work of many years of clubs, of selections, of the Federation … It is an important work behind it. The institutional relationship with the players has changed a lot. The role of women is much more valued and it must be because there is a lot of talent, a lot of capacity and great values ​​behind the players.

– Since you started in the world of football, what is the change that has surprised you the most?

The support of the big clubs. How the situation is changing for players within the clubs themselves. That large institutions see how fundamental it is that their members are represented and that they feel that a girl can also play football in her life's team.

– How are you watching the Liga Iberdrola?

Liga Iberdrola has a lot of level and lately it is very even. It is very difficult to get the three points. I think a powerful and competitive league. Every weekend there are great surprises because the level of all the teams is huge. The level of the players make it an attractive league and every weekend we are watching it.


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