November 27, 2020

“We don’t want to be like you”

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has decided not to give in to pressure from the extreme right and announced this Thursday his ‘no’ to Vox’s motion of censure with a harsh speech against Santiago Abascal.

“We will vote no on your candidacy to preside over the Government of Spain. We will vote no because we say no to the rupture that you seek, not to the polarization you need, like Sánchez. No to that Spain with clubs, in black and white, from trenches , anger and fear. No to that anti-Spanish monstrosity, which you also sponsor, that anti-political Cainite left or right destined to make Spaniards hate and fear each other. We say no to your motion because we say no to Sánchez and his associates, the visible ones and the one in the shadow, which is you “, has settled.

“He has presented a motion against the party that has given him work for 15 years,” Casado told Abascal in the plenary session of the Congress of Deputies. “You already had public office when I was in school,” he added.

“In politics what is not possible what is false,” Casado began his speech, citing Cánovas del Castillo. “A motion of imposture that has nothing to do with a debate of general interest. It makes us waste our time in the middle of a pandemic while the Government takes advantage of the motion to hide the failure of its administration,” criticized the PP leader.

To Vox, Casado has accused him of spending “three months attacking the PP for nothing. Much noise and little nuts, like everything they do.” The leader of the PP has asked the extreme right “not to deceive the Spaniards”, because in his opinion the motions “are not to censure the Government, to appoint a new one, and not even to call elections.” “He wanted to cut off the two ears of the PP and he ended up as a monastic of Iglesias,” he denounced. He has also regretted that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, is going to leave this debate “on the shoulders of the Vox deputies.” “What a cape he has thrown on him and what a lowdown with which he finishes the job,” he told Abascal.

“In these two years as president of the PP I have not answered his provocations, out of respect for his voters. Today he has finally been exposed. We have reached this far,” Casado has settled. For the leader of the popular, “Vox is Sánchez’s life insurance to be a tenant of Moncloa” and the motion of censure “is one more lie from Vox for Sánchez to continue in Moncloa.”

On the other hand, Casado has defended the “centrality” of his party: “The PP are neither fury nor noise, we don’t feed fractures, we want to close them, we believe in an open and free society.” “We are not like you because we do not want to be like you,” he told Abascal. The leader of the PP, finally, has called for the “regrouping of constitutionalism.” “The PP is not going to give voice to the chorus of the breakdown of Spain, neither by the left nor by the right,” he concluded. At the end of his speech, the popular deputies have dedicated a long and loud applause to their leader, whom they have called “president.”

“At last the usual PP returns, Mariano Rajoy’s communication secretary”, the leader of Vox has responded sarcastically. Abascal has accused Casado of joining “the brutal Vox caricature.” “I did not expect this to be his intervention,” added the candidate for the presidency of the Government.


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