“We don’t know when it’s going to stop.”

Various media and websites such as Tide, The jump or Kaosenlared They have denounced cyberattacks that are affecting their web pages in recent days. “Tomorrow we will have a report in which we will see more information, but they are very savage DDoS attacks,” denounces the director of Tide, Magda Bandera, in a conversation with elDiario.es.

The legal cooperative Red Jurídica explained on Friday what kind of attacks they were and pointed out that articles on the theme “capitalism” were becoming oversaturated. In addition, he reported that the medium The Last Hour, led by Dina Bousselham, had also been receiving similar attacks for days.

Bousselham herself has confirmed on her Twitter account the cyberattacks that her medium has been suffering from for at least ten days. “They are the new mechanism of the powerful to put an end to freedom of expression,” he declared before asking himself “where are the press associations denouncing it?”

“There is a person who already claims responsibility, but until we have the report this Sunday, we will not know more,” explains Bandera. On La Marethe cyberattack “has not been so serious until today” when, after a threat, the links to subscribe have begun to fail. Also in The jump, with whom they do a joint campaign. “The source of financing does not work and we do not know when it will stop,” laments the journalist, who also explains that the cyberattack “is well prepared.” “It shows that they have the means to do it,” he asserts.

Although he prefers to be prudent and wait for the report, Bandera believes that “everything indicates that it is an ideological attack”, due to the type of websites that have been attacked and the date on which they occur, November 20, anniversary of Franco’s death.

While trying to solve the problem, the affected media spread the attack on Twitter and ask for support. In a tweet from his account, El Salto also indicates “political intent” after these episodes.


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