we do not want to keep the United Kingdom in the EU "at all costs"

we do not want to keep the United Kingdom in the EU "at all costs"

The president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, says that the intention of the 27 in relation to the United Kingdom is not to keep that country within the European Union "at all costs" but what is intended is "clarity "about" our future relationships ".

"It has been suggested that our goal is to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union at all costs, that is not our intention, all we want is clarity about our future relations," says Juncker in an interview today with the German Sunday. am Sonntag. "

The president of the European Commission recalls in the interview that "it is not we who leave the United Kingdom, it is the United Kingdom that leaves the European Union".

Juncker believes that "it is very unreasonable on the part of British public opinion to believe that it is only for the European Union to propose a solution to all future British problems."

"My request is this: get in agreement and tell us later what it is that you want, for months our proposals have been on the table," says Juncker in relation to the "brexit".

The EC president added that "if the House of Commons supports the exit agreement in mid-January, then we would begin to prepare the future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union the next day without waiting until March 29."

Juncker says he has "the impression that most British parliamentarians distrust both the EU and Mrs. (Theresa) May", about the UK's prime minister.

Asked if finally the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on March 29, Juncker declares that he works "assuming he will leave, because that is what the British people decided".

The president of the European Commission also alludes in the interview with the German Sunday to the rise of the populist parties in several EU countries and to the attitude of the conservative parties towards them.

"I think it's a big mistake among a growing number of people in the traditional parties to imitate the populists without thinking it over, and whoever follows the populists, people only see them from behind, we should not believe that the populists are right." Juncker adds.

"We have to show them that they only know how to make noise and that they have no proposals to do to respond to the challenges of our time," insists the EC president.

In relation to the European elections of 2019, Juncker believes it would be "very regrettable" that the electoral debate focused on the issue of immigration.

"The issue of immigration is important, but it is far from being our biggest problem, it seems that, in this matter, we would have lost the ability to relativize," adds Juncker.

He believes that the issue of migration is a "pure exaggeration", but admits that the integration of refugees "is a challenge for many local communities."

And qualifies that warns against "the temptation to describe as stupid to those who care about the scope of the task" to integrate immigrants.


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