"We do not understand that social dialogue is broken by royal decree"

"We do not understand that social dialogue is broken by royal decree"

The president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, said that entrepreneurs do not understand that "social dialogue is broken by royal decree", as has happened with the minimum wage, and has argued that in a country "increasingly fragmented politically, Social dialogue is key ".

Garamendi has pronounced like this in his speech at Encuentros SER, where he announced that in January CEOE will present a "very powerful" study on the causes of the wage gap between men and women and how to improve, and has demanded that the dual training, with the participation of entrepreneurs.

He indicated that they will remain seated at the Social Dialogue Table and will "always talk", and has demanded that nobody speak on behalf of the CEOE when they leave the meetings of that Table, as it has been said, for example, that the employers are not according to the aid to people over 52 years old and "it is false".

Asked if he shares the statements of the president of the Institute of Economic Studies (IEE), José Luis Feito, that proposals such as raising the minimum wage or a schedule of companies are an "employment", Garamendi has indicated that it will not Use that term and you hope to reach agreements.

"That can really affect the creation of employment," said the president of the CEOE, who has demanded that everyone be "sufficiently responsible" and have "quite calm and restraint."

In addition, he regretted the "precipitate announcement" made by the Government to ban in 2040 the sale of vehicles that emit CO2, which endangers three million jobs in Spain, and has argued that we must progressively move towards sustainability economic setting goals.

Regarding absenteeism, has asked to combat fraud in this area, which is estimated at 4,500 million euros, and the shadow economy, which is 20% in Spain and "is outside the codes of CEOE", has demanded more inspectors so that "real dumping is not done to those who do it well".

The president of the CEOE has indicated that the goal of decent work "is good for everyone", and has ensured that the key to this is training, so he has called for dual training to be enhanced with the participation of entrepreneurs , who want to "participate in it, not teach".

Garamendi has indicated on the welfare state that social spending in Spain exceeds that of many countries, although it can be improved through efficiency, so he has asked that in the tender plications of public administrations not be fixed only in prices, but in the quality of services, and not "demonize neither the public nor the private".

He also stressed that he believes in "diverse" and "plural" Spain and that the country is not managed only from the capital.


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