Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

We do not care if the document is good or bad

Fuentes Gago: “Nos da igual si el documento es bueno o es malo”

The inspector José Ángel Fuentes Gago, that these days is in the fray as a result of the recordings that reveal their work to collect data against We can, denied in his parliamentary appearance having participated in the PISA report nor in any other about Pablo Iglesias, but the conversations published these days by the media, among them, reveal the opposite. In fact, their participation is crucial for the preparation of this report with false evidence about the financing of the lila party. On your trip to the USA to meet with the Venezuelan ex-minister Rafael Isea, the inspector came to tell him that "we do not care if the document is good or bad" because the incriminating evidence was that since Podemos did not deny the payments.

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Advertise Here Friday offers a new delivery of the recordings that has been published for days on that meeting of Fuentes Gago, his colleague the curator José Manuel García Catalán and Rafael Isea in New York. Of them it is clear that the former minister told the police serious doubts about the document with payments to Podemos, but Fuentes Gago was not too concerned about its rigor.

Given the objections of the Venezuelan politician, the Spanish policeman came to say: "We do not care about all that, if the document is good if it is bad, if so". For the inspector, the important thing was that those responsible for the CEPS Foundation, which gave rise to Podemos, had not denied the document even though Isea could not say how the payments would have been made.

The former Venezuelan leader insisted on the need to contrast the document "with a people who worked with me and to whom I am asking for elements for a little, let's say, corroborate." The politician considered it necessary "to contextualize how, at what moment this 'account point' (payment) occurred, how it was received and everything else", because "I, today, a statement here, I do not feel prepared for a statement "

Isea came to confess that "if these payments (to CEPS) occurred or did not occur, I can not confirm it", but Fuentes Gago insisted that "if those monies were charged and they have not declared it they have already committed some crimes " The inspector said that "that is the only thing that is worth to us", neither if the document is good or bad, because "there is no better proof that they have said that these amounts are not at all". "Since they say that and you do not worry if it's your topic. If they have already said that this happened! "

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