June 19, 2021

"We care more about the current account than life and death"

"We care more about the current account than life and death"

People often confuse what we really want with what they have told us we want. We are essentially spiritual, but we behave as material species, which leads us to waste time in nonsense and frivolities and to let life escape us. We confuse value and price, as the Serrat song says, taking care to complicate a world that, in the end, is simpler than it seems. They are reflections of Ramón Paso, the director of "The Laws of Relativity applied to sexual relations" – until February 19 at the Teatro Lara in Madrid – a tragicomedy that interweaves stories of seven characters to teach that we sabotage ourselves as idiots and that when we want to say something, sometimes we end up saying the opposite because of the imbalance that exists between our heart and our brain.

– Is it possible to apply the laws of relativity to sexual relations?

-Of course. There is nothing more relative than when two people decide to like each other, even for aspects that are very contrary to what they really are.

-What would Albert Einstein think of this?

-He had a great sense of humor, he would like it.

-The work teaches us that the world is simpler than it seems.

-That is why we have to look for beauty in simplicity; forget about material things and go to love, to laughter, to beautiful and free things. The world is very simple, but we complicate it a lot.

-What led you to write it?

-The sensation of seeing how civilization is destroyed by loneliness, which is our main epidemic. Social networks, in fact, are antisocial. We are more and more separated

– And that "isolation" will go to more?

– The human being is very given to do nonsense and, later, to look for solutions. I think that mechanisms will be activated to create antibodies against the virus of loneliness.

-But the solitude sought is pleasant …

– Yes, the one that serves to find oneself. The problem is when you want to meet another and there is no way. It's sad to have 1,000 friends on Facebook and none in real life.

-The function reflects a trio between death, sex and love.

– They are the three things that move the human being. But in the play we treat these important topics with a sense of humor. In fact, the public laughs at sad and devastating situations.

-What is tragic?

-The characters, the loneliness. In this society, those who give me the most grief and fear are the ones who take the wrong path consciously.

-And comedy?

– That people realize the madness in which we have turned the world.

-There are those who worry more than life …

-The current account worries us more than life and death. Whether God exists or not, we have come to this world 80 or 90 years, with good luck. In other words, a limited time that we also lose hooked on frivolities and worries about money and various nonsense.

– Love also surprises us?

-Many times he does not catch us ready either. Sometimes, it arrives and we do not see it. Or we confuse it with sex, or with the need to not be alone. Likewise, it may happen that when, finally, real love appears we let it pass.

-And sex?

-It is usually seen coming a little more. If not, there are always 24 hours pharmacies (laughs).

-What is the greatest contradiction of the human being?

– Be essentially spiritual and behave as material species.

– Often, heart and brain are not aligned. How to balance them?

– Through love.

– The inevitable is avoidable?

-Of course. The human being has shown it.

-But, what is inevitable?

-The only inevitable thing, really, is death. Everything else has a solution if you talk and talk. In this country we lack dialogue and we have many convictions.

-Everything is relative?

-No, there are absolute things, Kant already taught us. The absolute exists. Now, that a thing is absolute does not mean that it can not be solved.


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