January 19, 2021

“We cannot get more machinists and more wagons out of nowhere”

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has referred this Tuesday in an interview on Telemadrid to images of crowds in the Madrid Metro, the only transport service that has been operating day and night during the crisis caused by the storm. The Madrilenian president has defended that her government cannot “get more drivers and more wagons out of nowhere, while she has asked Madrilenians to continue avoiding the use of cars because of the danger and because it hinders the transit of emergency services .

“But how could it have been foreseen? We cannot get more train drivers out of nowhere, more wagons. This does not work like that,” said the Madrid president on regional public television. Ayuso has defended that from the regional government “they have not stopped working” and that they are doing “the impossible.” Ayuso has insisted that the Metro is “a safe place” because there the citizens are wearing masks, most do not interact and the air is constantly renewed “.

“This situation will improve because every day the vehicles will be able to circulate and more and more the lines of the rest of the services will be able to operate. What we saw yesterday is not the general trend,” the Madrid leader has defended on the agglomerations.

Ayuso has refused to suspend non-essential activity during the worst days of the consequences of the storm but has insisted that the car cannot be used “in any case except for exceptional measures.” The Minister of Transport, Ángel Garrido, acknowledged that the suburban demand increased by 20% this Monday and that there were wagons that could not go into circulation due to snowfall.

“It is necessary to remember that highways of three are remaining in two or a single lane”, has indicated Ayuso. In addition, it has required “caution” since they are detecting that “a third of emergencies in Madrid are due to injuries and falls” caused by ice sheets.

Ayuso also recalled that nursery schools, colleges, institutes and universities are closed until Monday in order to assess the damage of this cold wave and ensure the safety of students. At this point, it has affected that in some facilities there have been breakage of pipes, radiator system, heating and there are problems in the access to the facilities themselves. However, he has indicated that classes will resume tomorrow electronically.


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