Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

We can work on a law to open the path of dialogue with Catalonia

We can work on a law to open the path of dialogue with Catalonia

We can take to Congress in the next legislature a proposal for a Law for Dialogue that, from the recognition of the "right to decide", allows all political parties to seek solutions to the situation in Catalonia that leads to a reform of the Constitution.

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The proposal for the Law for the United Dialogue Podemos is "in an embryonic state" since it was worked on when the government called the elections, but will be resumed in the next term, Efe is indicated from the parliamentary group.

The text, which is open to debate, is based on the need to articulate the dialogue with Catalonia and thus end with the "tremendous tension and the war-civilization discourse" that Spanish politics have installed, explains the deputy of Unidos Podemos María Pita. , promoter of the initiative.

"We, who are not independentists, recognize the plurinationality of our country," adds the Canarian deputy, also general secretary of Podemos in their autonomous community.

According to clarifies, given that at this time can not be promoted in Spain a law similar to that allowed by the referendum in Canada, United We can aspire to open a path of dialogue through a law that binds all political forces and autonomies to discuss the model of Spain.

"We want to establish dialogue mechanisms that involve all parties, all autonomous communities with the ultimate goal of going to a constitutional reform process," says Maria Pita, who says that "there is a lot of open debate" on the proposal promoted from the secretariat of Plurinationality of Podemos.


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