March 8, 2021

We can warn that only if you enter the Government will the labor reform be repealed

Unidas Podemos is convinced that only if it enters into a coalition government with the PSOE will it be possible to repeal the labor reform to modify the prevalence of the agreements and stop the temporality of the contracts, while guaranteeing that there would be a new reform of the pensions.

Repeal labor reforms and pensions approved by the PP "would be the minimum", have insisted in recent days several deputies of United We can reiterate that tackle the precariousness of employment and ensure a rise in pensions and a revaluation according to the CPI they are "central" issues on the agenda of a future coalition government.

In fact, the Secretary General of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, said recently that if his formation enters a coalition government there will be no contributory pensions below 1,000 euros and non-contributory will exceed 600 euros.

Although the purple formation has not put red lines to a program of economic measures, it emphasizes that there are several axes that should be undertaken in the next legislature.

The first repeal the labor reform to sectoral agreements prevail over the company and to restore the ultraactivity and agreements are unlimited when they come to an end and do not decline, and raise the minimum wage to 1,200 euros progressively .

It also advocates eliminating the sustainability factor of pensions linked to life expectancy and which is currently suspended until 2023, while recalling that the six-month period established by the Royal Decree on pensions to create an annual revaluation mechanism. It has been fulfilled.

And it is that this Royal Decree established the update of the pension according to the CPI only for 2018 and 2019, leaving in the air how to establish the revaluation in the following years.

Other economic axes of Podemos refer to modifying the industrial policy in terms of energy transition to be able to intervene in the electricity market and lower the electricity bill, to limit and regulate the prices of rents and to raise taxes on large rents.

In the fiscal issue there would be quite coincidence since both parties considered in the electoral campaign to raise the IRPF up to 47% or 49% to high incomes that would go between 100,000 euros and 300,000 euros per year and implement a minimum rate of Societies of 15% for large companies and 18% or 20% for banks and oil companies.

Pablo Iglesias will go with these proposals to the meeting next Tuesday with the acting president, Pedro Sanchez, and hopes to obtain a concrete answer since the purple formation wants to negotiate a program as soon as possible with the government teams that would make it possible .

"What Spain needs is a joint government of the PSOE and the United We Can, a government alone does not add more than the three rights and will depend on those rights for the entire Legislature, but a PSOE and United Government can add more and can develop a progressive agenda, "warned the number two party Irene Montero.

The parliamentary group of United We can takes weeks collecting the support of unions (UGT, CCOO, CGT, USO, ELA) and of organizations of pensioners or technicians of Finance to demonstrate to Sanchez that there is a majority of voices that sees priority to repeal the reform labor of the PP.

In the coming weeks they will meet with autonomous associations, with representatives of CEPYME, with organizations related to housing, the industrial sector or banking.

Sources of Podemos regret that, however, the CEOE has not yet responded to their request for a meeting in the framework of this round of interviews with civil society.

Rafael Mayoral has not wavered in his criticism of the employers for standing against the repeal of the labor reform and has accused the acting government of allowing itself to be pressured by the economic powers.

In fact, faced with the proposal of the Sánchez government to allow the entry of independent people close to the Podemos environment in a future government, the purple formation affects that they, both leaders and deputies, are independent of the power of the IBEX 35, the big electric or the vulture funds.

By Ruth del Moral

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