We can tell Sanchez that there will be no budgets without first meeting the agreements

We can tell Sanchez that there will be no budgets without first meeting the agreements

The spokeswoman of Unidos Podemos, Irene Montero, today announced to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, that "there will be no budgets" if before their processing they do not meet "point by point" all the measures agreed with the purple formation.

Montero, speaking at the Congress, before attending the meeting of the Board of Spokespersons, has responded in this way to the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, who assured that the measures agreed with Podemos will be developed along this year.

A deadline that for Montero is not enough because he insists that all the measures agreed in the pact signed by Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias in the Moncloa Palace must have started their development "before the approval of the budgets".

The lowering of the bill of the light and the prices of the rents, the equal and non-transferable paternity leave and one hundred percent remunerated or the reform that "guarantees the sexual liberties of the women" so that "only yes yes" "These are some of the measures that Montero has remembered that must be met before the budgets are approved so that Podemos can give its support to the accounts.

However, she has been sure that the government "will comply" with these agreements because it is easy to start processing these measures before the General State Budgets have to be approved.

In any case, the spokeswoman of Podemos emphasizes its warning: "If the budgetary agreement signed by Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias is not met point by point, there will be no budgets, it's that simple, the electricity bill has to go down, the rents have to go down, and we have no doubt that it will end up being fulfilled. "

On the possibility that if this does not happen we can choose to submit an amendment to the whole, Montero has responded that they "do not have any other option" other than the Executive "comply with the agreement" and believes that the Government of Sanchez " will do everything in his power "for this.


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