August 8, 2020

We can summon urgently to your address before a possible electoral advance

The coportavoz of Podemos, Noelia Vera, today announced the call for this next Friday of an extraordinary citizens council to analyze the political situation and the possibility of an electoral advance if the Government does not present the general budgets of the State for 2019.

At a press conference after the meeting of the Podemos Executive, Vera announced the meeting of the highest governing body of his party after the Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, has not ruled out that next May 26 may become an electoral "superdomingo", in which in addition to the municipal, autonomic and European elections the general ones are celebrated.

"It seems that they are not very clear that they will continue to fight for the approval of budgets," said Vera after explaining that on Friday the citizen council of Podemos will analyze its strategy in this new scenario and prepare for any possibility proposed by the Government. , including the electoral advance.


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