March 1, 2021

We can see Sánchez's "negotiating failure" in the EU and he wonders if a government of progress had influenced Spain

"Sanchez's negotiating failure, European governance in the hands of German and French neoliberalism, for social democracy, second-order posts," Echenique has censored in a message on his Twitter account after learning that, among others, the foreign minister , EU and Cooperation in office, Josep Borrell, will be the next high representative of the EU for Foreign Policy.

Borrell will also be vice-president of the European Commission, which will preside over the German conservative Ursula von der Leyen. The position of high representative did not seem, initially, the favorite for the Spanish Government, that bet by the Dutch Frans Timmermans like president of the Commission and that discarded to another Social-Democratic in the cupola of the institutions. However, finally the equilibrium game has once again placed a Spaniard at the forefront of European foreign policy.

In any case, what was 'number three' of Podemos has questioned whether the decision on posts in the European Union has been influenced by the inability to form a government in Spain. "Would it have been the same if in Spain we had two months with a government of progress proving that another Europe is possible?" Echenique asked.

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