July 24, 2021

We can say that pensions are "red line" to agree Budgets

We can say that pensions are "red line" to agree Budgets

The spokeswoman of Unidos Podemos in the commission of the Pact of Toledo, Aína Vidal, said today that taking the General State Budgets for 2019 a revaluation of pensions according to the IPC are a "red line" for their group to support them.

In statements to the media before the meeting of the parliamentary committee of the Toledo Pact, the deputy of Podemos has said that "we understand that pensions are a red line and also the thousands of pensioners who are on the street for months claiming what is yours. "

"For us it is an absolute commitment", said Vidal, that a rise in pensions be carried out according to the CPI.

Also, has indicated that the reserve fund, to this day, "is practically canine", in a very symptomatic situation of the one that crosses the Social Security, reason why "it is fundamental that the Government is brave and take measures" of fiscal character to be able to equip it again with this sanitation.


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