May 14, 2021

We can rectify after opposing to publish the history of Billy the Child

The spokesman for United We in Congress, Pablo Echenique, announced on Tuesday that his force will rectify “the mistake” of having voted against asking the Government to provide the service sheet for Billy the Child and explained that his initial rejection It was due to “prudence” to the “legal doubts” they had before the measure.

In statements in Congress, Echenique has assured that “if a request for a report on the service sheet of Billy the Child arrives” at the Congressional Bureau, his group will vote “in favor”, although he stressed that ” to debate on seeing the service sheet devalue the subject “, since in his opinion” the problem is not that, but that is judged by crimes against humanity “.

Given the criticism of ERC, PNV and EH Bildu for their vote on the Board of Spokespersons, Echenique has responded that “the only reason” why United We voted with the PSOE, PP, Citizens and Vox was because he had “legal questions” , since the lawyers of the Congress advised against voting in favor of colliding with the law on official secrets

This noon, the Board of Spokespersons rejected the request for reconsideration of the decision of the Bureau not to require the Executive the required data on the explanation Antonio González Pacheco, “Billy the Child”, requested by EH deputy Bildu Jon Iñarritu.

After that vote, the deputy spokesman of EH Bildu, Oskar Matute, has lamented that the deputies are deprived “of an information that a media outlet has already partially published” and that it seems “unheard of in that democracy so perfect that all the days are determined to say “that is the Spanish is denied information about a person accused of crimes against humanity.

Regarding the decision of Unidos Podemos, it has been considered that it should be “the toads that were going to have to swallow, of which Pablo Iglesias spoke”, referring to statements by the leader of Podemos regarding the cost of reaching an agreement of government coalition with the PSOE.

On the other hand, the spokesman of Esquerra Republicana, Gabriel Rufián, has opined that the decision on Billy the Child represents “a huge contradiction”, while the spokesman for the PNV in Congress, Aitor Esteban, has said he does not understand the decision.

“We are always with a very generic excuse of personal data but (Billy the Boy) is a public official and we are public representatives who are asking for it,” he said.

The deputy of More Country Iñigo Errejón has asked to “reconsider the position” to the groups that voted against because, “above the questions of institutional opacity, there is respect for human rights” and recalled that it is “a torturer of the dictatorship charged with crimes against humanity “, although he has stressed his conviction that the vote of Podemos” has been somewhat formal “and that they are” together in the defense of human rights. “

The United Left has also informed that “no” agrees “with the position adopted by the Board” and that it is “clear that the position of United We could have been a mistake that will be remedied.”

After the future rectification announced by Echenique, the deputy Iñarritu has announced that by the “change of attitude” of United We can, EH Bildu will return to submit the request on Billy the Child and “apart from it a battery of parliamentary interpellations” on the decorations that the exagent shows.

“We value and we are glad that Unidos Podemos has rectified. It is wise to rectify and congratulate them,” he stressed, although he has admitted that “the PSOE’s veto will be pending” on this issue, since without your favorable vote the request will not prosper.

In that sense, he said that in EH Bildu expect “that the PSOE reconsiders.”

Sources of the leadership of Podemos have pointed out to Efe in this matter “the criterion that there is maximum possible agreement has not operated” in the votes made by the coalition partners in the Bureau and in the Board of Spokespersons, and that they do not believe that The socialist group changes its position in this.

In addition, they have linked to the proximity of the Basque and Catalan elections the stridency with which ERC and Bildu have criticized United We today for their position, since “when there are elections it influences the whole world”.


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