Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

We can recognize being behind the projection of the 'Bárcenas papers'

Podemos reconoce estar detrás de la proyección de los ‘papeles de Bárcenas’

We can has recognized this Sunday that he designed and executed the campaign to project the images of the so-called "Barcenas papers"-With the names" M. Rajoy "and" M. Rato "- on the facade of the House of the Bakery of the Plaza Mayor of Madrid. The projection of these images, which took place this Saturday night, is part of the campaign designed by Podemos with the motto That they do not return, that the training has begun today to spread on social networks accompanied by a black and white video.

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Presented by Yes you can films, in the video there are plans of different leaders of the PP with the annotations of the ex-treasurer Luis Bárcenas superimposed. "Because they have plundered us. Because they have lied to us. Because they have used the money for the health and education of our children to try to destroy political adversaries. Because they have degraded institutions and democracy. Because we will not forget. That they do not return ", has written the spokesman of We can in the Congress, Irene Montero, On twitter.

Montero sees "good" that "the walls say what most people think"

In addition to Bárcenas, Mariano Rajoy, José María Aznar, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, María Dolores de Cospedal, Esperanza Aguirre, Francisco Granados, Ignacio González and Rodrigo Rato, among others, appear. The video ends with some plans of the current leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, a front page of The country with the headline "The papers of Bárcenas", the slogan "Do not return" and the promise that "continue ...".

A projection company specializing in video mapping, Snake Productions, installed on Saturday on a scaffolding the projector from which the images of the "Bárcenas papers" were broadcast for two hours.

In addition to the annotations of the extesorero of the PP on supposed payments to M. Rajoy, R. Rato or Jaime Mayor, in the projection also appeared the president to the president of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, shaking the hand of the leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, with the phrase superimposed "but do not conform either".

The facade of the House of the Bakery of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid has been illuminated tonight with large format images in the framework of a campaign of Podemos

The facade of the House of the Bakery of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid has been illuminated tonight with large format images in the framework of a campaign of Podemos
(Rodrigo Jiménez / EFE)

To questions from journalists after celebrating an event in Galicia, the leader of Podemos, Irene Montero, has considered it good that "the walls say what most people think". "And say what most people think, we want a progressive government and not right in this country," he has ruled.

The screening of the video has obviously been wrong, in the ranks of the PP, who have asked the mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, explanations why she has been authorized. In social networks, the spokesman of the PP in the Consistory and mayoral candidate, José Luis Martínez Almeida, said that Carmena "must give explanations urgently" and "without waiting for Monday" of what happened last night in the Plaza Mayor. "Starting with herself, which adds and continues", adds Almeida.

Municipal sources indicate that the projection only had a provisional authorization

According to municipal sources, a technician of the Central District of Madrid Board gave provisional authorization to the advertising company in charge of the video but without the pertinent ratification of the councilman president of the district, Jorge García Castaño. Therefore, as the City Council insists, "there is no express authorization" for this propaganda action of Podemos since García Castaño "had not signed such authorization".

However, there was a preliminary authorization by a technician of the Central District Board, which has not yet been located, since the technical documentation provided on Thursday by the advertising promoter "was correct". As for the content of the action, in this type of authorizations, the City Council has ensured that it is only responsible for the act on the public road and never the content of it. Now, the City Council will proceed to review the file of this preliminary authorization and the final file. They will review the processing process "in case there was an error".

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