September 18, 2020

We can propose to withdraw aid to public bodies that do not have joint addresses | Society

We can propose to withdraw aid to public bodies that do not have joint addresses | Society

We can propose to withdraw the subsidies to public institutions and agencies that receive money from the State if they do not have joint management bodies. It is one of the measures that the party will take in its campaign program for the general elections of April 28. The proposal specifies a period of four years for these organizations to adapt to the standard. "This is a proposal that seeks to claim parity not as a recommendation but as an obligation that reflects the feminist feeling," explained Noelia Vera, a spokeswoman for Podemos. "Women have to have a presence in the decision-making spaces," he said.

To make this measure effective, we can pretend modify the organic law 3/2007 for the Effective Equality of Women and Men now in force. In this text a series of recommendations are made to public institutions so that their governing bodies are equal. In no case is forced, as now wants We, to take these measures. "We understand that both the Administration and the institutions that the public supports with public money have to look like the real country, and Spain is feminist," Vera continued in a nod to the celebration. this Friday, March 8, International Women's Day, which in Spain translates into the call for a feminist strike and demonstrations throughout the country.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) is the example that Podemos uses to argue its proposal. "It is a shame that in 2019 we see how institutions such as the RAE, which is supposed to pick up the feeling of language used by society, have only eight female seats out of a total of 46 in their decision chairs. change, "Vera said The training considers that an institution that receives 1.7 million euros from the General State Budgets should have a parity composition if it wants to maintain that allocation of public money.The Government of Pedro Sanchez had budgeted an increase 2.8% for this institution.

"According to data from 2018, women are already 53% of the judiciary, a proportion that does not move to the highest levels of Spanish justice," they explain in Podemos. "For example, in the Government Chamber of the Supreme Court we do not find a single woman among the 13 members, in the Constitutional Court only 17% of the members are women and of the 21 members of the body of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), counting on the presidency, there are only nine women ", they detail. And remember that they already proposed that the RTVE board should be parity.


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