We can propose to plant marijuana to replace bad harvests | Society

We can propose to plant marijuana to replace bad harvests | Society

We can bring this debate back to Congress on Thursday the legalization of marijuana in Spain with a proposal that affects, especially, the field. The formation of Pablo Iglesias suggests that farmers who have a problem with the crop one year can plant cannabis. The main beneficiaries would be those who are dedicated to monoculture, according to EL PAÍS.

This is one of the initiatives that Podemos will raise in the forum Towards the comprehensive regulation of cannabis in Spain that he organizes in Parliament. The party advocates the total legalization of this plant as Uruguay has already done, nine United States and Canada as of today. "It is absurd that you can buy tequila or gin in a supermarket and that marijuana is illegal," Iglesias has said on several occasions.

The self-cultivation, the cooperativism and the plantation in small and medium agricultural exploitations are other of the measures of We can "to avoid the monopolies and oligopolies of the big companies and to foment the economic dynamism that produces social wealth".

The objective is to modify the current law on narcotics that criminalizes the sale and cultivation of marijuana and restricts consumption and possession to private spaces.

The State will be in charge of granting the licenses for the plantation, production and sale, according to the proposal of Podemos. A function that until now is exercised by the Spanish Medicines Agency, which authorizes producers whenever their clients are in countries where it is prescribed as a medicine such as Canada, Colombia or Uruguay.

"Legalization should be implemented mainly for medicinal use and research", defend in Podemos. Spanish law allows the medicinal use of cannabis, but that does not mean that you can smoke to treat a disease. The marijuana plant is not considered a medicine and can not be prescribed, but it can be derived from cannabis.

The training also delegates to the State the elaboration of "a forceful punitive policy for those who fail to comply with the legislation". In this way, they say, institutions replace the black market. That is to say, the training relies on the gradual reduction of drug trafficking and, as a consequence, young people's access to this substance illegally. "A policy of licenses that punishes with the withdrawal to the points of sale of the legal circuit that skip the norm and sell to minors," they specify. 90% of young Spaniards declare having easy or very easy access to cannabis in Spain, according to the National Drug Plan.

At the moment, Podemos has not detailed the benefits through the taxes that would be obtained with this law. The leader of Podemos is based on the American experience to affirm that "a state industry of production would generate huge revenues which would result in the best public health in the world."

Between 2016 and 2017, Washington collected $ 315 million in taxes from this sector. Colorado, another of the states where marijuana is legal and model for Podemos, has allocated almost 300 million to the construction of schools, among other initiatives.

A debate with little consensus

In the last visit of Pedro Sánchez to Canada, the President of the Government settled the issue with a brief response. "I am what I am. I already have enough problems ", he answered the questions of the journalists who traveled with him.

Citizens is the other training that has presented a project focused exclusively on legalization for therapeutic purposes that was blocked by PP and PSOE. "Pretending to legalize marijuana without having established a legal framework and without a calm debate is to incur a legal vacuum and put the car in front of the oxen," say sources of the training.

The popular and socialists supported a year ago the creation of a subcommittee in Congress, that is, an organization in which parliamentary groups can discuss the future of cannabis in Spain. "It is a drug like any other," says Jesús Ramón Aguirre, PP senator. "That they do not talk about the therapeutic effects, because it is a harmful substance for the health".


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