Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

We can propose referendums to dismiss the government if requested by 15% of the census

Podemos propone referéndums para echar al Gobierno si lo pide el 15% de censo

A total of 264 "brave" measures, to "shield rights" and "take care of working people". We can have posted this Friday on their website the set of proposals of its electoral program facing the general elections of April 28, among which stand out the holding of a referendum to dismiss the government if it asks for 15% of the census, in the political sphere, or outstanding rises of the IRPF for the highest incomes, in the economic

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Citizen participation

The chapter dedicated to Democratic guarantees and citizenship collects proposals to facilitate the participation of citizens. To this end, measures such as the elaboration of participatory budgets, normalizing consultations when dealing with very relevant issues -such as the entry of Spain into military operations- and the star proposal: the possibility of initiating a recall process when 15% of the electoral census "understand that the Government has turned its back". That process would lead to a binding referendum to decide whether the President of the Government should resign and call new general elections.

In the same chapter is committed to modify the system of distribution of seats in the Congress of the law D'Hondt by Sainte-Laguë, which applies in countries such as Germany, Norway or Denmark and that, according to Podemos, would be one more system proportional and, therefore, closer to the principle of "one person, one vote".

We can bet to modify the system of distribution of seats to make it more proportional and reduce the minimum age to vote at 16 years

Another change would be to make obligatory the "zipper lists" (which alternate between men and women) in the candidatures to "overcome" the parity rule of 40-60 percent in the Equality Act. A parity that Podemos also wants to include in the parties, which it would force to make primaries to elect its executives and prohibit financing through bank loans.

Similarly, we can bet to reduce from 18 to 16 years the minimum age to vote in elections. In his view, it is not justified for young people over 16 years of age to be recognized for the ability to work, emancipate or drive and, nevertheless, not be allowed to vote until they reach the age of majority.

In the economic and fiscal section, the program highlights its commitment to the increase of income tax in the highest income. Specifically, Podemos wants that the income exceeding 100,000 euros per year be taxed at 47% in that section and those that exceed 300,000 euros do so at 55%. They are caps on top of those included in the budget project of 2019 (47% for rents of more than 130,000 euros and 49% for rents of more than 300,000 euros).

In contrast, the purple party advocates reductions in VAT. Defend and expand the reduced VAT from 4% to more food and non-alcoholic beverages, lower the basic supplies -gasification, gas and electricity- by 10%, as well as reductions in the tax on veterinary services, animal feed and products. of feminine intimate hygiene, at the time that bets to raise in four points the type of luxury articles.

The purple party defends to extend the reduced VAT of 4% to more food and non-alcoholic beverages and to lower it by 10% that of basic supplies such as heating, gas and electricity

He advocates repealing article 135 of the Constitution and the law of budgetary stability that "have institutionalized austerity" and reform the corporate tax exemptions to prevent companies from using tax havens to reduce their taxation.

We can also propose to retake the tax on financial transactions, although it would tax gross sales instead of net ones, and establish a tax on banks that would increase 10 points the type of companies to financial entities. In the same way, it proposes a tax for the digital economy that would be paid by companies that bill more than 500 million. Other measures are the creation of a tax for large fortunes, the prohibition of the use of shell companies to pay less taxes on the habitual residence, to make a fairer inheritance tax or to eliminate the exemption of the IBI from the Church.


We can propose that the minimum interprofessional salary reaches 1,200 euros in the next term and in its electoral plan provide for special unemployment protection for young people in order that the contribution period required to be entitled to unemployment benefit is reduced to half for under 30s, at the same time that the duration of the benefit increases by one third of the time worked in half.

The purple formation takes up the need for a guaranteed income of 600 euros per month to complete sufficient income and that after being implemented progressively reach 10 million people. The benefit would have an initial amount of 600 euros per month per adult, which would be increased according to the number of members of the household up to 1200 euros and would be updated periodically with the highest value between the CPI and the growth of the median salary.

Proposes that the minimum interprofessional salary reaches 1,200 euros in the next term and retakes the need for a guaranteed income of 600 euros per month

Also in the field of work, Podemos proposes to prohibit temporary contracts of less than one month, which will last between 1 and 6 months, after which they would automatically go to a fixed one, as well as set the working day in 34 hours weekly, divided into a day of 7 hours from Monday to Thursday and 6 hours on Fridays without reduction of salary.

In the field of pensions, Podemos wants that people who have contributed at least 35 years and can not find employment can access early retirement without penalty in their pension. Thus, they also propose to revalue pensions according to the CPI, with shielding by the Constitution, as well as the contributors can freely choose the years of working life that count to calculate their pension.

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