Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

We can promise to raise the IPREM 25% up to 672 euros and indefinite rent

We can promise to raise the IPREM 25% up to 672 euros and indefinite rent

We can promise an immediate rise of 25% of the IPREM, the public indicator of income of multiple effects, up to 672.3 euros in case of governing and that the rental contracts are indefinite establishing justified causes for their termination.

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The electoral program of Podemos "For a new country" unveiled this Friday and including 264 measures aimed at favoring the working class also proposes that people who have contributed for at least 35 years can retire early with their full pension.

The training would raise the IPREM, reference indicator to update certain aids or rents, about 134.46 euros since it is currently at 537.84 euros per month.

The General Budgets of the State of 2019 contemplated a rise of 2% to 548.6 euros per month and the purple formation proposes to raise it by 25% after having declined public accounts.

Regarding housing, they believe that the lease contracts should be indefinite, establishing clear causes of justified termination and that in cases where the tenant is especially vulnerable and the landlord is a large owner of housing (real estate companies and vulture funds), the Rental contract is extended automatically.

They also argue that people who have contributed for at least 35 years and can not find work of working age can access early retirement without suffering a penalty in their pension for each year they advance their retirement.

"We will apply the measure also retroactively to those who have been harmed by having their retirement reduced by the fact of doing so early under the current rule," the program insists on guaranteeing the revaluation of pensions with the CPI and trying to shield it. in the Constitution.

We can propose that the minimum interprofessional salary reaches 1,200 euros in the next term and in its electoral plan provide for special unemployment protection for young people in order that the contribution period required to be entitled to unemployment benefit is reduced to half for under 30s, at the same time that the duration of the benefit increases by one third of the time worked in half.

The purple formation takes up the need for a guaranteed income of 600 euros per month to complete sufficient income and that after being implemented progressively reach 10 million people.

The benefit would have an initial amount of 600 euros per month per adult, which would be increased according to the number of members of the household up to 1200 euros and would be updated periodically with the highest value between the CPI and the growth of the median salary.

They also propose eliminating contribution ceilings and increasing the child and adolescent care allowance to reach universally 1,200 euros per year and 2,000 euros for situations of severe poverty.


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