We can postulate in his program for 28A as the alternative to the "trio de Colón" and the "tremor of the legs" of the PSOE

We can postulate in his program for 28A as the alternative to the "trio de Colón" and the "tremor of the legs" of the PSOE

We can have published this Friday the electoral program with which it is presented to the general elections of April 28. A document that summarizes in 264 points the proposals of the party led by Pablo Iglesias and that should then be shared with the other parties of the United Podemos coalition: IU and Equo. Podemos can be presented to voters as the alternative between "the trio of Columbus" (PP, Citizens and Vox) and a PSOE to which, they say, "your legs tremble every time you have to face the power, banking or the vulture funds. "

"The third option on April 28 is United We Can", says the presentation of the program, "which puts on the table the hope of pensioners, 8M and young people who warn about climate change and turns it into ambition to build a better country. "

Precisely the "Green Horizon and New Industrial Model" is the first chapter of the program. With millions of young people from around the world demonstrating every Friday to demand that they be put on practice effective measures against climate change.

We can "reduce the primary energy production based on fossil fuels by half in a decade and reach 100% of the production of renewable sources in 2040" and advance the closure objectives of the coal plants "before the end of 2025 ( and always guaranteeing the use of national coal) "and nuclear power plants" before the end of 2024 ". The party includes a guarantee to create "previously two jobs for each one that is lost".

In addition, it proposes the creation of an Investment Bank for Technological and Economic Transition (BITTE) to finance the expansion of renewable energies, electric cars and other green industries, as well as the digitalization of the industry or the promotion of investments in I + D + i

In this sense. We may want to add as a reason to apply for asylum in Spain the changes in the environment of their countries.

The party of Iglesias also proposes to reach out to the electricity companies, one of the sectors against which Podemos has been more thoroughly employed since its foundation. It proposes reforming the tariff system or creating a public energy company that assumes hydroelectric concessions, for example.

It also undertakes to keep Bankia public. As a first step, it is proposed dismiss immediately its president, José Ignacio Goirigolzarri, named after the rescue of the entity in 2012. But not only. Create a bank fee, managed by Bankia, to bring ATMs to the town responds to complaints from the Spain emptied.

We can also propose to audit the toxic assets of banks rescued with public money and incorporate into the housing programs "the houses ceded to vulture funds or Sareb", the so-called bad bank.

In terms of Housing, the program of Podemos for 28A follows the trail of its proposals in Congress since 2015. As the main novelty, the party wants them to exist indefinite rental contracts, intervene the market where prices have skyrocketed and the forced cession of empty housing of the large owners.

"Purple Horizon and Economy of Care"

The electoral program of We can reserve one of its sections for the proposals on equality and LGTBI. The so-called 'Purple Horizon and Care Economy' includes equating equal and non-transferable maternity and paternity leave and raising it to 24 weeks.

In addition, it is proposed to implement the working day of 34 hours: seven from Monday to Thursday and six on Fridays with the objective of "reorganizing the times of work, leisure and care".

Podemos recovers its Law of Remuneration Equality and includes free and universal coverage of education from 0 to 3 years. As he had already announced, he is committed to a subject of feminisms, the obligation to establish protocols against sexist violence and LGTBIfobia for companies with more than 50 workers.

Finally, it promises to approve the comprehensive law against sexual violence that Congress has already agreed to process shortly before the Courts were dissolved, implement a Plan to Fight Male Violence and another one of compensation and reparation for victims that includes an equivalent benefit to the minimum interprofessional salary for six months extendable. The objective is "to avoid that the lack of economic autonomy is a factor that hinders the exit of a relationship of violence".

Outside the media banking

"History is not written by the media that are owned by the banks, nor by the
tertulianos, neither the sewers nor the surveys. You write the story, "says Podemos in the presentation of his program.

The party has taken to its program its promise to legislate to prevent the banks. "Banking already has shares worth more than 600 million euros in media and, in many cases, controls more than 50% of its capital," says Podemos, who wants to "prohibit banks and funds from owning "

Another measure in the same line would prevent "parties from financing their electoral campaigns through bank loans."

About RTVE, We can promise a "more neutral" corporation, renewed "by contest" and with "semi-annual audits".

More referendums, also in Catalonia

Podemos maintains its main bet for Catalonia. After raising it in 2015 and 2016, in 2019 it also calls for "a process of reconciliation that allows dialogue and reach agreements." "We bet on a referendum agreed in which Podemos will defend a new fit for Catalonia in Spain," says Iglesias.

It is not the only reference to the popular consultations of the Podemos program. The party insists on introducing in the Spanish system the revocation processes that exist in the Latin American legislations. "When 15% of the electoral census understands that the Government has turned its back on it, it will be able to initiate a recall process that will end with a referendum in which it is decided in a binding manner if the person occupying the presidency of the Government should resign and call new general elections" , the program points.

We can also suppress "the need for authorization from the Council of Ministers to hold local popular consultations, within the scope of its powers."


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