Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

We can facilitate the budgets of Urkullu

The state political landscape is played on many boards and one of the most important, Basque Country, the pieces begin to fit. We can facilitate the approval of budgets from the Government of Iñigo Urkullu with his abstention in exchange of modifications worth 200 million euros in a draft accounts amounting to 11,744 million. The agreement, unpublished, avoids a second extension budget, ensures a quiet closure of the legislature
basque and inevitably points even more to the yes of PNV to investment from Pedro Sanchez.

The match jeltzale it is a vital force not only for the candidacy de Sánchez get ahead in the Congressbut for the governance of the coalition PSOE-We can. The communicating vessels between Madrid and Vitoria are at full capacity and the unusual passage of the purples with respect to the Basque budgets only confirms it. After three years of total opposition, the force of Pablo Iglesias will save the accounts of PNV-PSE Executive through an abstention, justified in changes in items for different social, equality and ecological policies.

The milestone adds to the nod of the PSOE to the Basque force in the Senate

The agreement gives stability to the last months of the Basque legislature after the failure of last year's budget negotiation, when the PP, a traditional support cane for the accounts of jeltzales and socialists, withdrew its support following the position of the PNV in favor of the motion of censure to Mariano Rajoy in Madrid. The movement of the purple ones supposes a turn of 180 degrees to its antagonistic policy in front of the peneuvistas postulates, to the point that its partner, Ezker Anitza (United Left), has been unmarked of the Basque budgetary pact.

The milestone adds to the nod of the PSOE to the Basque force in the Senate, where jeltzales They will act as referees in the Chamber of the Chamber thanks to the assignment of the Socialists. These have three representatives, the PP with three others, so the other place, in the hands of the PNV, will be decisive. From the Basque party, however, they decouple that privileged position from any negotiation and highlight that it is a socialist initiative, since "it is neither a demand of the PNV nor will there be any consideration."

The jeltzales they frame the offer in the “representation of the plurality of the Chamber” and its “territorial character”, since the third and fourth groups in it are ERC-EH Bildu and the PNV itself. In the previous brief legislature, the PSOE also gave them that seat, but then it controlled the majority.

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