We can describe as a “serious democratic anomaly” the situation of the king emeritus one year after his departure

A year after the departure of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I to Abu Dhabi, Podemos has described the situation as a “serious democratic anomaly.” The secretary general of the formation, Ione Belarra, considers that “while some insist on speaking of” full democratic normality “, the flight of Juan Carlos I” produces an enormous discredit of the institutions “.

The year of the king emeritus in Abu Dhabi does not appease the scandal and his return depends on Felipe VI

The year of the king emeritus in Abu Dhabi does not appease the scandal and his return depends on Felipe VI

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The minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda also recalled through a thread on Twitter that the emeritus is facing various investigations for his opaque fortune and has considered that the former head of state left Spain “so as not to show his face for his actions before the citizens “.

Juan Carlos I left the country a year ago, as announced by the Royal Household in a statement in which he argued that he was doing so due to the repercussions of “certain past events” in his “private life.” Those events are related to an opaque fortune which is being investigated for alleged tax fraud and money laundering in the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office.

“To the facts that we already knew, there have been, in this last year, revelations about new accounts hidden in tax havens, fortunes of doubtful origin, possible links with arms trafficking … Scandal after scandal of corruption and impunity”, has deepened Belarra.

The leader of the purple formation also considers that the fact that the king “lives in luxury in Abu Dhabi while someone who makes a critical song against the monarchy is criminally prosecuted” calls into question “the principle of justice and equality before the law. “.

He has insisted that Podemos “will continue working so that democracy reaches the Head of State and for a republican horizon for Spain, as a project to deepen democracy.”

Precisely one year after this event, Pedro Sánchez and Felipe VI are scheduled to meet in Palma, at the Marivent palace, in the traditional annual office between the two.


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