September 21, 2020

We can denounce Vox to the Prosecutor's Office for a hate crime against LGTBI

The parliamentary group of United Podemos-IU-Madrid Standing in the regional Assembly will report to the Prosecutor's Office Vox's request for information on which public and concerted LGTBI talks are given, considering that it incurs "a hate crime against people of the collective ".

Sources of the group have indicated to Efe that already they work in the writing of the denunciation and that its intention is to present it next Monday to the Office of the public prosecutor.

Vox has registered a letter in the regional Parliament in which it demands from the Governing Council information about the public and subsidized centers that give LGTBI talks.

Specifically, Vox asks for the "date of celebration of the activity, the center in which it is carried out, the agenda or information transferred, brief description of the activity or experience from 2015 included up to the current date, name and surnames of the speaker or speakers and what has been the class or classes targeted. "

This Friday, the PSOE has also warned that the request "violates the data protection law" and, if it were admitted to be processed in the Bureau of the Assembly (where there are 2 PSOE deputies, 2 PP, 2 Citizens and one of Vox), the socialists "would value" transfer it to the Prosecutor's Office.

For its part, More Madrid has suggested this Friday that the Ministry of Education who "on its own initiative" to take the request of the party of Santiago Abascal to the Prosecutor's Office.

The Ministry of Education has indicated that the extracurricular training activities in educational centers are not determined by the Ministry but depend "exclusively on each center", so they do not have lists as Vox requests.

In addition, he stressed that "there is not a single complaint" before the educational inspection by indoctrination in Madrid's classrooms, and added that "it has complied, complies and will comply scrupulously" with the Organic Law on Data Protection.

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