We can denounce the "hypocrisy" of "hiding behind the support of the Ukrainian people" to increase military spending

We can denounce the "hypocrisy" of "hiding behind the support of the Ukrainian people" to increase military spending

Without directly criticizing the new consignment of 200 tons of weapons that Spain will send to Ukraine as announced yesterday from kyiv by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, one of the members of the Executive, the Minister of Social Rights and leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, wanted this Friday to once again make clear his differences with the majority partner on the management of the war. During the European Conference for Peace that has been held in Madrid and that Belarra has starred in along with other European leaders -such as the former British Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn-, and state parties such as IU, ERC, EH Bildu or the BNG, the minister has called on European countries to "abandon the hypocrisies" with which, in his opinion, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is being addressed.

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“Because in the face of this war, many people wonder if it has not been hypocrisy to embrace Putin for years despite his authoritarianism and his repression of the LGTBI community, despite his strong links with the entire European extreme right such as Le Pen, Orbán or Abascal”, assured the general secretary of Podemos. She has gone further and has included among those inconsistencies the announcement of the increase in military spending announced by her top chief in the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and that Podemos has been rejecting for more than a month.

In his opinion, it is also “hypocritical to hide behind proclamations of support for the Ukrainian people when in reality they are defending strong economic interests that are more shameful, as evidenced by the fact that the 18 largest arms companies have increased their revaluation by almost 15%. since the invasion began two months ago, or the commitments of all European countries to increase military spending or the increase in the sale of North American liquefied gas to all of Europe”.

Belarra, along with the rest of the participants who are part of the European Movement for Peace, has insisted on exclusively diplomatic means to end the war. “It is time to bet everything on diplomacy”, assured the minister, who considers that more and more people are proposing “that the path” that will lead to peace is “that of dialogue and diplomacy”.

“We are more than what they want us to believe”

“Not only the people who promote the manifesto and the organizations and areas we represent are saying it. Unions, social movements, feminist groups, anti-racists, environmentalists, organizations in defense of human rights, teachers, doctors, writers and even members of choirs are also saying it. The Secretary General of the United Nations is saying it and so are Pope Francis and the Vatican, whose attempt at mediation and whose words about this conflict should, in my opinion, be taken into account. We are much more than what they want us to believe, ”he has settled.

The intention of his party, he has said, is to "deploy" all its "governmental, institutional and social power to demand a real involvement of the international community and the United Nations, as there was in El Salvador or Colombia, so that there is a real accompaniment and guarantee supervision at the negotiation table between Russia and Ukraine”. "All efforts are few to achieve a ceasefire and stop Putin's feet," he added.

Next, Belarra considered that “betting on diplomatic channels is the updated translation” of 'no to war'” and his “form of demanding peace now”. “Saying 'no to war' and peace now also means urging all political actors to abandon belligerent language and replace it with a different language, a language of peace. Saying 'no to war' and peace already means supporting Russian civil society that opposes the invasion of Ukraine. It means deploying a dignified asylum policy for all people who flee, regardless of their skin color. It is thinking about the reconstruction of Ukraine, understanding that it cannot be left alone in this task and defending the elimination of its foreign debt”, he stressed.

At that point, Belarra has demanded that citizens take to the streets against the war. “Without a massive citizen mobilization it will be very difficult for those who can really do something to stop this war soon, to do so. For this reason I want to ask each one of you to work for peace, to defend peace at a time when it is most difficult to do so, during war. Sign the manifestos, go to the concentrations, fill the balconies and the networks with symbols”, he stressed.

Peace a “political decision”

“Let's build a great citizen movement for peace, an international peace alliance. Because peace is not a result, it is a path that the peoples, each one of us, travel every day and that we must care for and protect because it is the condition that makes life itself possible. Peace is the political decision that the law of the strongest does not prevail, that democracy and equality reign, the decision to relate to others by caring for each other and not attacking each other”, he concluded.

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