August 8, 2020

We can demand the resignation of Cosidó for the 'operation Kitchen' and for the message to the senators of the PP on the CGPJ

"These two pieces of information are more than enough to demand not only that Cosidó resign as spokesperson in the Senate but also leave the record," he assured during the press conference he has offered at the headquarters of the Podemos with the coportavoz of the Executive , Noelia Vera.

The spokesman 'popular' has denied on Monday to have participated in the 'Operation Kitchen' on the capture of the agenda of former Treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas with reserved funds of Interior, and has indicated that he has the strength to continue.

Cosidó has also stated that his "whatsapp" has been interpreted "badly" by the senators of his party over control in the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) after the agreement between the government and the PSOE, although he has admitted that the language he has employee is not "lucky".

The newspaper 'El Español' has spread the message that Cosidó sent on Saturday night to his senators explaining that the PP achieved nine members plus the president in the Council, compared to 11 of the PSOE, and "also controlling the second room from behind "(the Criminal Chamber) and" presiding over room 61 "(which has powers such as outlawing parties.

Despite their explanations, the purple party reaffirms its request to resign for these two issues. "It would only be missing that when you have to investigate Cosidó for the Kitchen operation, I will judge the same room that will control the PP from behind," Echenique has warned.


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