August 1, 2021

We can debate about the Crown at the opening of its "Uni de Otoño"

We can debate about the Crown at the opening of its "Uni de Otoño"

Juan Carlos Monedero, Rafael Mayoral and Julio Rodríguez have debated today about the Crown on the opening day of the "University of Autumn", an event that will pass Pablo Iglesias, Manuela Carmena and Ada Colau and, for the fifth consecutive year, organized the May 25 Institute for Democracy.

The debate, led by the political scientist and co-founder of the purple formation, Juan Carlos Monedero, has been carried out in the Garden of the Vistillas of Madrid, the headquarters of this campus that has been inaugurated with a talk about monarchy -an issue " of future, not of past "- before about 400 people on the Day of the National Holiday.

"We have met here today to try to clarify things that are very difficult to talk about, you know that there are things that work as taboo", began the Monedero talk, which has listed four "open wounds" in Spain that "constantly come back": the colonial, the territorial, the social and the citizen.

"The citizen wound," he pointed out, "is what has caused us for a long time to have difficulties in understanding that the public is everyone's, and that everyone's thing is not anyone's, and the problem we have had in Spain regarding this citizen's wound has to do with that condition of subjects we have always had. "

The debate has revolved around these axes and their relationship with the monarchy, before an audience dressed on October 12 with T-shirts with the Republican flag and that has cheered the speakers, has applauded them and has chanted "yes you can."

"The monarchy is a part monarchy, it really likes the PP, the current monarchy likes Citizens a lot and we like them less, especially because we are proposing to return to the people all the decisions of our democratic life," Monedero said. , who left the direction of Podemos in 2015 after questioning his political tactics.

The political scientist has appealed to his audience to vote for the party if they "accompany them in the fights": "If Ione Belarra, Pablo Echenique, Rafael Mayoral, Noelia Vera, all the comrades have been able to fight some budgets for the majorities, it was because the pensioners were in the street, because there were women in the street. "

"Comrades and comrades, there is something very clear: the monarchy in Spain does not have much left if we are here," he concluded between applause Monedero two hours of talk, in which the secretary of relations with the Civil Society party, Rafael Mayoral, has stated that the "worst" of the Crown is the "law of silence imposed for a long time."

"What they are trying to deprive us of is a question that is essential, which is the principle of popular sovereignty, which is what gives meaning to what we call homeland: there is no homeland without a people because it is the people who do the homeland, "said Mayoral, who has considered" important "to say" on a day like today. "

"What we are saying here, as it has been said in the Catalan Parliament, is that the monarchy is an outdated institution, which means in the dictionary that it is antiquated and outdated, and that it is anti-democratic", he pointed out, on the other hand, Julio Rodríguez, the general secretary of Podemos in the city of Madrid.

The journalist Patricia López and the titular professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Zaragoza Francisco Palacios have also participated in this debate, kick-off of these days that, until Sunday, will gather other party leaders such as Pablo Iglesias and Pablo Echenique, and the mayors of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Manuela Carmena and Ada Colau.


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