Wed. Sep 18th, 2019

We can combat with math the semantic battle of the PSOE

The week ends with a resounding triumph of the sciences over letters. Mathematics about language. The old stubbornness of the real over the graceful donosura of the semantic. The framework of an eventual coalition government - which will be low in calories if Pedro Sánchez
he plays his cards well or high in saturated fats if Pablo Iglesias manages his modest capital better - he looks out over the horizon and opens the door to a week that should be of underground negotiations and not so much of rabbits coming out of hats before the bunch of microphones. And we can touch consult the purple bases: Coalition or cooperation?


In the ballot there is no possibility of boycotting the PSOE with a "no to the investiture". Many have complained, the most angry, Teresa Rodriguez, the anti-capitalist leader of Adelante Andalucía, who wanted to have the "no to everything" button. He says it is "an insult to intelligence". The anti-capitalist current has already expressed its opposition to joining a socialist government for months, but, done the pronouncement, they have preferred to maintain a low profile. For Teresa Rodríguez, the consultation is a problem. Given its allergy to co-government pacts with the PSOE, a resounding result of the consultation in Andalusia in favor of the coalition government is a minor drawback, hence call abstention: "I do not vote," he said in the networks social.

Sánchez's offer

Iglesias' challenge is to ask why he can not propose ministers with political profile

That there is no self-destruct button in the query is not an error or an oversight. We can not be willing to carry the little owl of the electoral repetition and, every time the PSOE is still ready to pronounce aloud "coalition government", the possibility arose that the satiation of the bases of Podemos -detectable for weeks in purple forums and social networks by the disrespectful treatment of Moncloa- was incarnated in a resounding refusal to negotiate anything with the PSOE. Perhaps the perception of that malcontent had awakened in anti-capitalists the hope in a loud bang. And from there Rodriguez's frustration. In any case, Podemos has not been biased in the construction of his query. Ask your subscribers how they prefer to make Pedro Sánchez president: through a coalition government proportional to the votes of each party, or supporting (with a favorable vote or abstention) the government of the PSOE alone, after a programmatic agreement and with charges in the Administration.

The formation, nevertheless, lives in an expectant optimism after weeks of dimes and diretes: the right is not left, so the only provider of seats is the confederal space of United We can. Tested the suppliers orange and blue, the purple are the only ones with merchandise available for the PSOE. So, in application of the merciless laws of the free market, the thing will not be cheap. Paradoxes of capitalism: if the PSOE had gone to the purple post in the first place, before PP and Ciudadanos closed the blind in the hills, perhaps the deal would have been more advantageous for the Moncloa. The late neoliberal model has burned the dogma into fire: the key is not to provide in abundance but to administer prices in scarcity. June was affordable, July will be expensive, September may be more.

Against churches

Teresa Rodríguez blasts the inquiry for preventing the vote against Sánchez

The negotiation of the investiture can now enter a deaf and moody phase after the floral games of these weeks that have ended -recognized on Thursday the president- as the rosary of the dawn. Ten days for the full and Iglesias keeps the silk glove and the iron hand to send Moncloa messages. Accepted by Sanchez the possibility of ministers bordering on Podemos, as long as they are of low political profile, the irritant of the leader of Podemos for Moncloa is not that he refuses but asks why. Why should we remove the heads of the Podemos list?. Nobody dares to rehearse the answer aloud.

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